Monday, 23 November 2009 planned?

Well so far today has not gone as planned.

At breakfast B decided she was unwell and wouldn't go to school. I decided she was swinging it and that she would. Into the car and by the time we got to the school gate she was crying and in such a state I took her to Mum's to calm down. So she stayed in bed there whilst I went into school for Music, then I collected her afterwards and brought her home. Seven years of dragging one or other reluctant, sometimes fighting, girls to school. I am so tired of it. Had I the choice over I'd definitely go for home-schooling, my children just do not fit in the system. Another three years to go, not counting the next six and a half months. My Mom says not to wish my life away- I'm not, I'm wishing away the school morning fights.

So no shopping: B still needs new school shoes (hers disintegrated in the wet),
no cereal for breakfast (toast again I guess),
no doll stuffing trip to Cliffoney,
nothing to eat either due to a stomach knotted with anxiety over B.

Sure isn't Motherhood great?!


collettakay said...

I know all about the morning fight. My daughter only has 2 days of school this week and she still complained about getting up this morning. Sometimes I think holidays make it worse.

I've also thought about homeschooling, but then I'd be fighting her ALL DAY to do her work. The lesser of the two evils?

The stuggle with homework is sometimes just as bad as the morning routine. Although this school year has been better. I think she's realizing that if she hurries up and gets her homework done, then she can have free time to do what she pleases. (within reason, of course)

I completely sympathize...

Sharlyn Guthrie said...

Feel free to read my story "A Corner For Clovis and Me" to your class. Wish I could help with your struggle over school dilemma. I'm a teacher, and whenever I feel that I'm getting into a negative pattern with a child, I try to think of a way to turn it positive. Perhaps instead of taking away privileges, you could give her incentives for going to school with a positive attitude. Maybe 5 days without complaining, and she gets to go shoe shopping. It's just a thought. Whoever said parenting was a snap? Hang in there!

Jane's Art said...

Girl I am so with ya! Mine didn't fit the system I started homeschooling...still a struggle with my oldest, but not the school stress, just regular parent/child stress!

BTW thanks for the link to banners, just made a new one for my shop!

ladydi said...

Looking back, I so wish I had home schooled both my boys. My younger son, especially, has no good memories of school at all. How very sad. Like you, I thought it was too late by the time he was in high school, but thinking back, I should have done it anyway, even at that late date.

Terri Tiffany said...

Oh my goodness--your day sounds like I few I went through as my daughter grew up:)) We will have those ups and downs won't we, but they are part of the precious memories someday we will enjoy telling:) Is there a reason perhaps that she didn't want to go maybe that isn't as obvious? Just a thought--my daughter used to complain of stomach aches when she was nervous about something in school that day--a test, a new class etc.


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