Wednesday, 25 November 2009


Do clocks fly? Or is it just time that flies?
Yesterday I went with the folks to Enniskillen to do the main grocery shop for Christmas. It's better to get it in now before places are too crowded. B and Sos came for an outing and we all had a very productive day with everything being achieved. Quite a feat, I'd say! (All Civil Servants in the Republic were on strike yesterday so no School or College.)

The drive was interesting as the various lakes are so full. In Enniskillen town they had lined one road with sandbags and were pumping the water out so that it was drivable- interesting to watch.

I got some thread and the dinkiest angel! Today I taught Music until lunchtime, combining several classes at a time. One song with disastrous timing was sorted with the help of the oldest class, and for the rest we were working on accurate entrances and melding the different voices together into a unified sound. It was difficult and required intense listening to themselves but the children worked very hard and very successfully, although by 12.30 we all felt like limp rags!

The temperature dropped considerably throughout the day and this evening the wind is cutting. We've had sun, rain, hail, strong winds and more hail. I sound like my sister who is on a trip to Antarctica, and sent a postcard from the Falkland Islands giving us a weather update! Is it perhaps an Irish characteristic to be obsessed with the weather?


Andrea said...

Blessings and great big hugs, andrea

collettakay said...

Glad you got all your shopping accomplished. My husband and I are going Friday. I know we're asking for the crowds, aren't we?

I have to ask about your angel. Am I correct in assuming "dinkiest" means "cutest" or something close to that?

Here dinky means small, not valuable or cheaply made. Along those lines anyway. But that angel is definitely NOT any of those things from the looks of it. Its adorable!

Jane's Art said...

That Angel is so cute...and the thread's not to bad either!!

Heckety said...

Thank you for visiting- sorry for not answering individually, the week got away from me!
I suppose 'dinky' means cute,and small, and even I-love-it-and-where-did-you-get-it-as-I-want-one-too!


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