Monday, 2 November 2009


Yesterday the weather showered us with hailstones on and off all afternoon. Today the temperature is hovering around 9 degrees with wind and rain adding to the Winter-ish-ness. My folks have taken themselves off to Tenerife for a week as they felt some sun was needed...and I couldn't agree more!

This morning I had the oh-so-exciting task of doing all the clearing and cleaning from B's party. It seemed to take forever but in fact I was done by lunch time. I made a 'hearty' lentil, carrot, onion and sweet potato soup for lunch, with which the Hub and B ate a mountain of soda bread. Actually the soup was warming for such a horrid day.

This afternoon and evening I have spent working on Music preparation for this half term. I've been typing out an information sheet for the class teachers, a practice timetable for November and December, and all the words of all the songs the children are singing. Its cold work as the computer is not where the heat is so copious tea is called for!

If anyone is interested I have loaded nine items on, and my user name is 'heckety2009'. If anyone has any opinions on either how I could improve the items, or how I could improve their presentation, I'd be grateful if you could tell me? My bro had a few comments which I am digesting!

Tomorrow I head to school to do all the photocopying of songs etc. so that I can start teaching after Assembly on Wednesday. Half of me wishes I could have Christmas without the Music, and the other half knows I will enjoy it once I start and get the children excited. Ho hum!


Cilla said...

Do you just go into school to teach music? I'm intrigued! (as a teacher myself!)
what songs are you teaching them?

Heart2Heart said...

Wow now that is what I call cold weather! Brrr is right! Bring me lots of blankets and a roasting fire, and a cup of tea and I am good.

Today our weather was in the high 80's not what I would call fall by any means with no hope of falling temperatures in the near future weather forecast.

Stay warm, drink lots of tea and have hot soup to keep the colds and flu away.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Kathy said...

I'm sure lots of parents will appreciate your holiday music of Christmas time. Our principal always suggests to the children that someone in the audience needs to hear the blessings of the christmas story and the joy of the season. She asks them to remember that there may be some people with heavy hearts or sadness even during advent and Christmas. They do tend to sing out after hearing her say this. Our fifth and sixth graders are doing a special story presentation this year and the 3rd and 4th grade will do a Harvest Concert before Thanksgiving.


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