Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Busy Tuesday

This was the sunrise from the kitchen window yesterday morning- it went pink in between, but I wasn't quick enough with the camera!

On Sunday evening I finished a small quilt top using scraps from 'the trunk that time forgot'! The yellow border is new fabric but everything else is from the trunk. I think it turned out surprisingly alright considering the dodgy taste of fabric! Now I'm looking for a piece of backing, but firstly had to tidy the hall as my store cupboard was blocked with Dilly's theater props! So yesterday, instead of tidying, I made this little hanging, or mat, from some scraps I also found in 'the trunk that time forgot' ('ttttf').
Now I have sorted the hall but started crocheting Christmas tree decorations! Talk about scatty! I managed to knock over the clivea pot and a geranium yesterday whilst tidying the hall and there was soil and petals all over the floor. Panic of hoovering and clearing before the Hub got home and saw the mess. He doesn't like mess- I think if he'd known me better he likely would never have married me, as I am VERY untidy...
The folks returned safely from their week in Tenerife, last night. They said it was 28 degrees there on Sunday, and they returned to 7 degrees here. Its continued so wet here that I am beginning to feel like Fungus the Bogeyman, with mould growing between my toes!
I stopped to put petrol in the car on the way back from town after the school run this morning. The tank holds 45 litres...I put in 44.12...does 'a wing and a prayer' spring to mind here?

At 11o'c the man is coming to service the Rayburn. Its two months overdue because of B needing two new pairs of glasses back in September, which was of more importance at the time. But now the cold is settling, and since the Rayburn runs our heating, winter hot water and cooking it's a bit essential that it is in full working order.
And then at 12.30 I turn into a Lady Who Lunches and am heading off to eat with a friend. She's tagging lambs this morning...in the wet...I'm making bread so I can take her a hot loaf as I think she'll need it after that!
Phone call from the Rayburn man- he took the wrong turn and was temporarily lost...oh the joys of the lanes of western Ireland!


Andrea said...

Beautiful pictures and beautiful quilts. Warm fresh bread....yummy!

Julia said...

Hi Heckety,

Thanks for stopping by mine!

Your part of Ireland looks and sounds very lovely. I have never visted there, but may be doing so next year for my '50th' (oh heck, did I say 50!!!).

And I've just been having a good old titter at the 'Economy of Cows' on your other blog - very funny!!

Take care.

Julia:0) x

ladydi said...

The view out your window is spectacular. I'm so glad you shared it with us! You're amazingly quick getting those lovely quilts put together in next to no time.


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