Saturday, 21 November 2009

Old Idea, New Item!

I thought this would amuse some of you-
Its from Christmas '63/'64 (if I've counted the Roman numerals correctly!) and it gets hauled out every Christmas since I was a teenager and began making people's presents! It's older than me, and probably more useful!!!
I spent yesterday afternoon working on these felt gingerbread houses.
It took some rummaging in shoe boxes to find what I think are the right embellishments, and I don't know whether to add more buttons or rick-rack, but the one on the left is as finished as I can do for the moment.


ladydi said...

Time travel in the craft room - nice! Your gingerbread houses are darling. They're just right the way they are, and need no further embellishments. :>}

Kathy said...

Your gingerbread house ornaments are very cute. It looks just right and the way you quilted on the windows and doors with the machine stitching is simply perfect.

collettakay said...

Love the gingerbread houses.

I am now a follower and would love if you came over to my blog to check it out. If you like it, please follow me too.

Elaine said...

Oh, my, I recognize that cover! I think you've dated it about right. I used to make a lot of things from the McCalls magazines.

Your gingerbread houses are adorable!

Julia said...

Thanks for stopping by! I think you're gonna have to speak to Wendy though about eating the gingerbread couple - she might object!!!

I do love your gingerbread house ornaments - I must tell Wendy about them:0)


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