Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Book Club Excitement!

Ok, I readily admit that I nicked this picture from Hazel's Place- but there's a reason!
Hazel's Book Club is on the 27th July, and my copy of 'Shiver' leaped through the letterbox yesterday absolutely howling to be read! And its GOOD! I started it last night!

Please visit Hazel's place if you'd like to join in- this is the first time I've taken part in an online Book Club, so I'm looking forward to regular visitors here will know, I LOVE books!

(The link will take you to the page where Hazel has written about 'Shiver' so you can see what sort of book it is.)

Today I'm gardening between squalls of rain, more more normal Irish Summer than the heat and sunshine we've had the last two months! Mind you, when one's digging out a new flowerbed, and de-stoning the earth and heaving out ####### great rocks, wind and rain is good weather!


Heart2Heart said...

Sounds like a great read! Time to get the other side of things in this book.

Thanks for reminding me about my garden, got to get out there and really weed today before they take up all the nutrients in the soil my babies need to thrive. Who knows a divine post may just be inspired.

Missing and thinking of you often.

Please stop by my blog today and make sure you sign up for the giveaway that ends today. The book is a masterpiece in itself.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

soggibottom said...

That sounds really interesting an on line book club.... oh... going to have to go and have a look.
Trouble is I pick a book up and nothing else gets done till it's been read.
What's ####### ? :-)Oh dear maybe ?
x x x

Dawn said...

So wish I could join in! Bogged down in grad school right now. That book looks devine ~ can't wait to hear all about it!

Andrea said...


Andrea said...


Hazel said...

I'm soo glad that you are enjoying the book! I am excited about the online book club idea I just hope it works (fingers crossed). Thank you for supporting me so completely... I genuinely appreciate it :) Hazel xox

PS If you have any tips on what direction I should take with book #2 I am open to suggestions

ladydi said...

Sounds like a good read; like you, I LOVE books. What does one do with the ####### great rocks once they've been dug out? Paint pictures on them?


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