Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Hazel's Book Club! and Shelving Shelves!

Hurray! Hurray! We're on our way!
Our online Book Club starts today!

(to misquote the Berenstein Bears...mis-spent motherhood!!)

If you want to visit, or join in, head on over to Hazel's place?

Have you ever un-screwed shelves off a wall?

Its blinkin' hard work! Especially when they've been put up with power tools- I try to avoid machinery (except the washing machine and hoover, of course...actually, come to think of it, I try to avoid them too but for a different reason!) as I'm convinced most machines are out to get me! Like doors and walls are out to get Eldest!!!

The Hub was called into work early and I don't like waiting for things to happen so I'm removing the shelves, prior to moving the piano, and then the cupboard, and then...its has become necessary to re-instate a bed in the spare room so the sewing has to be removed, and the table, cupboard etc which accompanies it.

Hence the furniture moving in the hall.

Not that its a problem, its just tougher than I thought it would be!

Also the dogs are afraid that it means we are moving house so I have to discuss everything with them, and Hoover-dog insists upon supervising the work!

If I have any fingers left tomorrow I'll let you know...!!!


Amanda said...

Gosh, you must be working up quite an appetite with all that shifting about. Best wishes for keeping up the momentum.

collettakay said...

My grandmother used to always say, "Take care of your hands" as a farewell. Be careful.

Our dogs are still acting weird since they thought we abandoned them when we went on vacation. Stuck like glue, they are.

ladydi said...

I love picturing you explaining to the dogs! But oh dear, I'm worried that you won't have a place to sew. Is someone coming to occupy the spare room? On another subject altogether, are you familiar with the Irish singer James Kilbane? If so, we have a link! He comes to the US a few times a year, and my hubby plays in his backup band.


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