Thursday, 15 July 2010

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday strikes again! Please visit Greg's to read his Thankfuls as they are always worth reading!
I think today's Thankfuls are a bit of a mixed bag...
1. Thankful that I've had some or all of my girls at home recently, on and off, now and then, occasionally- you get the gist! They ebb and flow like the tide but its just so good to have them around.
2. Thankful for my garden even if it remains mostly uncharted know on Medieval maps when they wrote over the unexplored territory 'Here Be Dragons!'? Well they may have been referring to my garden you know! Its hard work but really good for the soul.
3. Thankful that the Hub has two week's leave at present and I get to spend all of every day with him. He's catching up on his weariness and also doing heavy work in the garden, and its just really good to have him at home.
4. Thankful for the rain this last fortnight, even if we seem to have moved rather abruptly from 'Summer' to 'Monsoon season' you didn't know there was a monsoon season in the west of Ireland!! Ha! Ha! There isn't normally!! But the rain is good, very good.
5. Thankful for ripe raspberries! Straight from the bush...odd how seldom there are enough for everyone to have a good serving! Only a gardener knows the real delight of grazing the veg patch on a summer's day- ask Greg! He frequently says the very same thing!!
6. This is an extra, and a bit of an odd one perhaps:
Yesterday afternoon the Hub was working in the Cathedral so I went along and did some clearing in the Graveyard. Our Church is right in the middle of town but it was really peaceful working there despite cars and people on the other side of the wall.
As I weeded my way round slabs and headstones and crypts and doors I was thinking of the history of the place and all the people who have gone before us; the folks who have worshipped in the Church, who have mown the grass, who have carved the headstones, who have wept, laughed, feared, prayed, trusted; who have entered that place since 1245 to speak to God and been heard.
The first Rector was appointed after the Reformation in 1625, prior to that its possible the Church was served by the Friars from the Abbey, records are a bit sparse. Consider 1625 to 2010 as a modern Parish Church? That's a lot of people- that's some tradition we follow folks.
So then, I'm thankful for the past Parishioners of our Church who kept it in good repair and have preserved it so that each Sunday we can follow their footsteps and worship there.


ladydi said...

When you find a dragon in your garden I hope you'll take a picture! How wonderful to have so much time with your husband. It's hard for us in this "young" country to imagine buildings in service for thousands of years - it must be awesome.

Deborah said...

Of course, we are thankful you started up your blog again! Glad your enjoying you day with your husband!

collettakay said...

I almost cried reading about your thankfulness of past parishioners. I think that's why I love history. I like to picture and imagine what the people who were there before were like.

Andrea said...

Could you send us a little of your on the east coast of the US...I promise to be thankful for it when it arrives.

Elaine said...

It's hard for us in the "New World" to imagine such a long history attached to a building. As you weeded, I'm sure there were some whispers from the many souls who had performed just the same service as you did.

Micki said...

I enjoyed reading your thankful list! Yes, we have been getting lot of rain in Donegal too!

sarah said...

great list and I love TT.

Falling Up said...

Hey, we're gave you an award on SD! I think I need to stop complaining about my life and starting this Thankful Thursday meme!!

Kate Hanke said...

I love Ireland. I'm 50% Irish. I think that's where I get my temper. I've visited Ireland twice. I'm sure you don't care. I didn't know you got heavy rain. When I was there it would mist, be sunny, mist, be sunny, etc. Changing about every 20 minutes. I figure that's how everything stays so green there.

Hazel Williams said...

We all have so much to be thankful for in our lives, but too often we don't acknowledge it! This is a very powerful post! I loved it! You must be spending time with your husband which explains your absence in the blogging world, I too have been spending a lot of time with my fiance, which has been absolutely fantastic, but I feel guilty for not attending to my blog more!

You'll have to explain to me what you mean by my blog (or me) being a 'no replier' is that a function I need to turn on? Or does that just mean I seldom return to a same post twice?? (I'm a little new at this blogging gig so appreciate the help!)

Looking forward to the 27th my first book club!! It is getting close now!

Enjoy your time in the garden! I wish I were there to enjoy those fresh raspberries! YUM YUM YUM!!

:) Hazel


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