Thursday, 1 July 2010

Tinkful Toisday!

Thank you to Greg for hosting Thankful Thursday! He gets up REALLY early to do it you know!

This week's Thankfuls:

1. Thankful for this amazingly warm weather we are having, and also that it rained over the past few days- good growing conditions. For us, this warmth is wonderful!

2. Thankful for all the flowers, wild and cultivated, which are presently blooming; they do so brighten up the hedges, the countryside, the garden, and my day!

3. Thankful that when the car has been in the Garage recently they have been able to lend us one of their run-around vehicles. Being a rural one-car family has its challenges!

4. Thankful for the Sunday School children in Church and the fun of being with them. Last Sunday was the Sunday School Prize giving and the children did a play and sang- all four of them! It was great! (Our Congregation would consist almost entirely of retired folks, and of those of us with children they are mostly Secondary School and College age.)

5. Thankful that with all the 'away' activities my girls are into, that I can trust God to keep watch over them and to hold onto them. I've said it before but I'm saying it again- how do parents cope with their children's antics without a faith in God's love and providence?

Well, that 's my Thankfuls for this week- if you want to join in do visit Greg? He welcomes everyone at his place!

1 comment:

Everyday Kathy said...

Great Thankfuls!! I will definitely be ding this meme during my next Gratitude week!!

My car is in the garage too but I don't have a loaner... getting a little tired of the house. We are not rural but we also don't live very close to anything we want to see, particularly if it requires trekking out in the super hot sun!


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