Thursday, 30 September 2010

Last Hurrah?

Remember I said that Lord Muck had fetched in some Farmer's Gold? Well my grateful rose decided to flower again before the winter- isn't she lovely?
Actually there is a huge earwig hiding in the top right of the flower but he was too shy to have his photo taken!
And then this carnation, which has sulked for years decided to follow suit! Its just so pretty and has a lovely scent too. Actually it was grown from a cutting off some flowers the Hub gave me several years ago on our wedding anniversary!
Have any of you come across this new magazine? I found it in Eason's this week and thought I'd give it a look. With the currency exchange rate its expensive but I thought the teachers at school might get some craft projects out of it too.
Here's a funny for yous: Many years ago I started a game with the girls on our long car journeys in East Africa- someone provided a quote and everyone had to guess where it was from. Everything was allowed, books, films, memorable and silly things people said, plays, songs, Bible, and any language too, as Kiswahili and English were interchangeable at that time.
Well it is still played by us, and sometimes I play it with my Music classes too as I find it is good to make them think and amuse them. THIS Wednesday when I walked into 6th Class they had two quotes ready for ME!
'Salutations!' and 'Live Long and Prosper!'
I was well amused, and they were delighted with themselves!
It always entertains me how children find themselves so endlessly amusing!!
So, do you recognise their quotes?


Amanda said...

How lovely to have some unexpected colour in your garden at this end of the year. I saw that magazine too, but decided there wasn't enough in it that I would like to make. I did buy Quiltmania though (or rather Christopher bought it for me) which is fiendishly expensive, but oh so lovely to look at. As for your quotes, Live Long and Prosper was easy peasy, a Vulcan greeting (or salutation!). Salutations gave me more of a problem though, and I had to look it up to check that I'd got it right - Charlotte's Web? We love quotations too and was very pleased to be able to drop one into a conversation the other day; 'We are agog, we are aghast ..." Any ideas? It's perhaps more of a line from a song rather than a quotation, but hey ho.

soggibottom said...

Wonderful rose... hi stranger, good to see you posting again. :-)

Only the live long and prosper one. :-) also may the force be with you :-)

ladydi said...

"Charlotte's Web" is a treasure indeed, and what a wonderful introduction from spider to pig.

ladydi said...

p.s. I am very impressed with your skill with plant life. Do you believe I had never before in my entire 54 years seen a carnation growing? I have seen them in vases and corsages all my life, but never growing in their natural habitat. How wonderful that you took a cutting from a special gift and kept it alive for years of enjoyment. Clever you!


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