Wednesday, 16 March 2011

In Dublin's Fair City

Well here I am in Dublin since early this morning, a country bumpkin gobsmackerettoed by the city buzzzzzzzz! I always forget how fast everyone moves here, and also how many people there are!!!

Since Eldest has rooms in College, within five minutes of walking out the door one is in the center of town, literally...dodging double decker buses and flying bicycles! ET has nothing on Dublin cyclists! And of course, with St Patrick's Day being tomorrow the place is awash with vile green furry hats and fake leprechauns...

This evening Eldest had a Class, so I walked up to Stephen's Green, where Granny used to take us to feed the ducks when we were small and she had a surfeit of stale bread. The tulips are beginning to flower and the place looks very home we have no similar sort of grand park space. The Bandstand is looking its age but that's not surprising after this past winter.

Along the Green the main road was closed and a stage had been set up, with a Ceiligh Band and a Leader giving impromptu dancing lessons to everyone in the crowd who wanted to participate. I heard him teaching them to dance 'Shoo the Donkey' as I went past, with poor results, judging by the groans and laughing!

I returned via the Gaiety Theater, still has that exciting 'theater smell' when you open the door, and the shaded lights and red plush decor! On the pavement opposite there was a Sax and Drum band playing Swing and Jazz, so I stood and listened for a while. They were amazing- bopping and jiving as they played and having a whale of a time! They'd gathered quite a crowd.

Around a few side streets, back onto College Green and then in the Nassau Street College Entrance, to sit on a bench for a little while and admire the evening: cold but still sunny, hardly a breeze, and not a drop of rain in sight!

Oh My! I could be in another country entirely!!

Eldest is getting out a few books before the Library closes, and this evening she can work on her Dissertation. This morning after I arrived she discussed, then dictated an entire essay, which was edited and then handed in. So despite much pain in her hands, today she has achieved!

I can feel your well-wishes and prayers winging our way!
Thank you!

Unfortunately I forgot my camera flex, so, although I am taking photos for you, I can't upload then until I get home again Friday night. I'll post them for you at the weekend!


Andrea said...

I would love to visit Ireland one day and I would definitely NOT fit in.

I have a prayer request on arise 2 write.

Blessings, hugs, and prayers,

soggibottom said...

Just get yer camera finger in gear !
:-) x x x

Ulla said...

Every time I'm in Helsinki or any bigger city, I notice the speed of the people and traffic. I don't like it, but parks and big bookshops and fabric shops are worth the nuisance. Good luck for your your daughter's studies!

Micki said...

Have fun! My husband was born and grew up in Dublin. It is a great city!


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