Thursday, 7 July 2011

Thankful Thursday Humour-ish

I haven't done a Thankfuls post in bally-yonks, so, as Greg reminded folks this morning, here's an overdue one!

Firstly- Thankful the world didn't end a few weeks ago, apparently it was due to! Like the Bible doesn't say that 'no one knows the day or the hour...' I say, 'Duh!' to the doomsayers and daft eejits who came up with that one.

Secondly- Thankful I'm on the mend, as the aches and pains induced by this bug were really, really agonising. If I was a permanent invalid I'd be the grouchiest one out, and yes, I could be a whole lot worse! all sorts of ways...

Thirdly- Thankful for my dogs.
When I'm sick, they lie outside my door and thump their tails on the floor to remind me they're there.
When I'm busy, they stick their noses into everything and pretend they are supervising.
When I'm watching a noisy TV program, they come bounding in, all hackles and snarls, to protect me from whatever is happening onscreen.
Such devotion!!!

Fourthly- Thankful to the members of our Church and community who encouraged and helped Youngest and her friend to raise the money for the Diocesan trip to South Carolina! They left this morning at 3.15am...yawn...

Fifthly- Thankful for jokes which make me snigger for days: here's one I've been dying to share!...

Four Church Elders were discussing themes for up-coming Services and had decided to run with the theme of 'Freedom'. Now they just had to define it exactly for the modern congregation.

1st Elder: 'Since Christ died for us, Freedom is being free from our sins.'
2nd Elder: 'Living a life of Faith, freedom from fear and worry, to me that is Freedom.'
3rd Elder: 'I consider Freedom is the opportunity to live in the Light, a life of prayer and service to others.'
The 4th Elder looked at the others and said: 'You chaps have no idea, you are thinking too small. Freedom is when your youngest child leaves home and takes the dog.'

Go on....snigger....


Amanda said...

I'm sniggering, it's oh so true, even though we didn't have a dog, but at least all the loud music making equipment went when the boys left home, and all the dirty laundry, and the food bills went down, and the level of conversation improved - but oh, how I miss them all the same.

Trishia said...

I'm more than sniggering -- thanks for the big laugh, Heckety!! I'm so into freedom right now, I'm almost tempted to get rid of my 4 house plants -- too much responsibility!!
GOOD luck et bonne chance with your Irish craft group. So sorry your daughter's impressions of America will be South Carolina:) Hot and humid there. The northwest is the best part of Aemrica, but of course, I'm prejudiced. I'd write more but my chocolate chip cookies are talking to me:)


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