Wednesday, 9 November 2011


The temporary school has a lovely big yard, all evenly tarmacked over, with no uneven surfaces, potholes, or stretches of slippery mud.

Unlike the previous yard.

AND YET...yesterday we had a collision between one child's teeth and another's head, and every day sees a continuous stream of grazes, bumps, cuts, and mishaps. Thank goodness for bulk bargains in plasters and antiseptic wipes! I was actually wondering whether I should put a red cross on my office door?!

This afternoon one of the builders was going around checking for possible visitors' entrances- of the rodentish variety. Teachers had discovered several, I said there were none in the office and went off on an errand. Returned to find him with a big grin saying he'd found a lovely 'front door' right under my desk!!!

So much for being observant!!


Soggibottom said...

The amount of builders, we have had here.. I never want to see a builders bum again/... especially as my ol man looks on and points !

Ulla said...

I hope the unwanted visitors can be kept out of your office!


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