Monday, 7 November 2011

Beeeeeeeen Busy Busy!

You know how some weeks, or even months, disappear, and you wonder what there is to show for the time that has gone? Well recently I've the opposite situation! Looking back over the past month, I'm wondering just how I managed to do everything which I had to do!

A fortnight ago, the Youth Group and the school children did the Sunday Morning Service in the Cathedral. It turned out grand! We had one hundred children in the Choir and they were just amazing! The Youth Group did me proud too, both in writing the Service and then leading the worship on the day, and also performing two sketches.

We celebrated by having lunch together and watching the World Cup Rugby final...I think perhaps that the young people gave me more entertainment than the match did!!! Am I allowed to admit that???

This week the School packed up and moved premises- lock, stock, and one steaming Principal! Packing has been going on for weeks, and on Thursday a group of parents came to the school and removed all the shelves and boards from the walls ready to transport. We have eight Classes, so you can imaging there was a lot to dismantle.

Friday, more parents turned up with vans and trailers and everything was moved to the temporary site in the course of the day. One teacher said that we should have sent out party invitations as the whole thing went so well and everyone treated it like a fun outing. I tell you, there wasn't a cross word spoken all day, and it was SOME DAY!!!!

This morning the children all arrived back from their mid-term break, sooooo excited with their different school! It all went very smoothly, entirely due to the Teachers spending the last two days unpacking and setting up everything ready for this morning.

And so it goes- a VERY busy month...and now I have to unpack the School Office and put everything in order!!

Antidote to boredom??????


Amanda said...

I'm so glad to hear that you're still in the land of the living. I'd have liked to get in touch but didn't have your email address. It sounds as if you've been really busy with school stuff, and still have loads more to do.

Kathy said...

Wow, school life has been busy. It must have been really a great effort to get all the classrooms moved. We have moved 3 or 4 rooms at a time, but never the entire school! The concert sounds marvelous and it's great that you had so many singers in the choir. Welcome back!


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