Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The Void!

Once upon a time (like about two weeks ago) between the red brick building and the river, there stood a school. It was a nice little school with five classrooms, also built from red brick. Many, many children passed through its doors, and over the thirty five years it sat by the river, it grew considerably until there were more temporary classrooms than original rooms. But over the years its health grew poor, with mould and leaks, poor drainage, and an even poorer heating system, until one day the Department of Education decided to retire it to the Great Schoolyard in the Sky.

So now there is a Void where our little school used to be. It is very odd looking across the river and seeing....nothing. Middlest's room is one of the windows you see in the red brick building, which is the boarding section of our Secondary school, and she too finds the void strange, having spent half of her primary years in the little school.

But the moral of this tale is to not despair!

Even as we speak, the ground works are being prepared for our new school, a bigger, better, modern, two-story building with space for everyone and everything which a school could possibly need. People are making detours across the river to moniter progress and the plans on the wall in the Principal's temporary office are being studied and admired. I don't know how long we'll have to wait for the new school, but in the end it will be worth it, it really will!

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Amanda said...

So where is the school being held in the meantime? and where is your office?

One of the things I, along with most teachers I ever knew, longed for was a brand new school, with the chance to chose what went into it, the colours etc. I hope you've all had the chance to have your say.


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