Monday, 30 January 2012

Communication How AREya?!

Twice today I had to phone parents, and the results on and see!

(By way of context to the first story, we have a rather virulent bug going around school and certain families can not afford to be exposed to it due to long-term health issues.)
The first phone call, therefore, was to find out why a child was absent. I spoke to the father...and received a ten minute diatribe about his child's date of birth and reading skills. Ummm, yes, riiiiight...eventually solved that one, with the class teacher standing at my elbow in kinks of silent giggles!!

The second call was to request a parent to come and fetch her younger child because he was unwell. Half an hour later I discover she has been in and brought extra lunch for her older child...

Obviously my communication skills are sadly lacking. Should I be wondering whether this really is the job for me??


About that great idea? The people who have my well- being at heart convinced me that it was a dud, a potential money pit, and really not something to be considered at this juncture. Yes, I am very upset and bitterly disappointed. It is difficult to have ideas no one has faith in, its difficult seeing opportunities and not being able to grab them.

And yes, I drive my family and friends utterly insane much of the time; be thankful you are only on the other end of the ether and not here in person!

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Robin said...

Potential money pit or not it hurts terribly to have your dreams dashed. I'm sorry yours were, and I can empathize. A lot. I hope your Next Big Thing is right around the bend!



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