Thursday, 26 July 2012

A Puckish Puzzlement

Last week I took a notion to make a Puck doll. I was thinking of imps, sprites, woods and people of the land, but I didn't want a pretty pink thing with wings. I was trying for something more androgynous and foresty, Midsummer Night's Dream wasn't very successful though, sigh...
First of all the fabric looked too pale for an outdoor person so I blobbed more tea on it and made it so wet it spent the rest of the day propped on the kettle to dry:
While the dismembered limbs were drying I embroidered the face, but it was really difficult trying to get it looking neither male nor female- I failed utterly:
For the clothes I tried to go for 'motley' in the Elizabethan sense,  but eldest said 'she' now looked more like a 'crazy geisha'...Great!
Off came the coat and I made a tunic. I tied the middle with string with an idea of attaching little felt leaves and flowers to it, like a garland you know?

So there you have it/ him/ her.
Not very Puck-like.
I don't know whether to remove clothing and just turn him/ her/ it into a fairy or try to rescue it further. I have to say its frustrating having what I think is a great idea and then the reality coming nowhere near the image.

Any Bailout Recommendations?


Benta At SLIKstitches said...

S/he looks fab to me, so I'm not the one to ask! Ndid you make her from scratch? I'm very impressed!

Elaine said...

Whether it's Puck-like or not, it's very lovely! Sometimes what we attempt to create comes out as something different altogether, as if there's an inner creature clamoring to come out. When that happens I think you just have to leave well enough alone.


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