Tuesday, 3 July 2012

...And How's YOUR Ark?

Thank you all sooo much for your lovely comments! Very kind and encouraging too when the doubts set in at 4am!!

But d'yez want a laugh? A real cackle, now?

Last week I signed the lease and met several of the people who work in the same building (who are lovely, but then aren't most craftspeople?) and there I am all excited, just waiting on my very own set of keys...

So today when I leave school I head into town to see whether the keys are cut and I'm met by one mortified owner...yesterday afternoon there was an absolute deluge in town and...the studio flooded!! A drain at the lower end of the yard blocked up and the water rose until it was over the lintel of the studio door and In.It.Went!

Can you believe it?? I'm afraid when she told me I started laughing- it is so absolutely the sort of thing which happens to me! You've heard of Murphy's Law ('If it can go wrong it will go wrong!'), well I really believe there should be the Law of Heckety too, something along the lines of 'If its bizarre, unbelievable, or so ridiculously unlikely that no one would believe you, then it will happen to Heckety.'

Should I have warned my new Landlady that I am a bit of a hazard? Even when I'm not there??

By this morning the water had all been siphoned out, mopped up and the extractor fans were going full blast to get rid of the smell. The owner is in the process of getting the blocked drain dealt with where it extends beyond her property and the door lintel built up higher, but for the moment I guess I'd better hold off moving anything...unless it on stilts or waterproof!!


Ann Babillis said...

Nothing more than a little test to see how committed you are. . . to the studio that is.

Corcra said...

Better now than when you have moved all your fabric in! It's going to be super. Just let me know when you are finally in and I will bring you a coffee/tea and a sticky bun to celebrate!

Amanda said...

I'm only surprised that we're not all growing webbed feet to deal with all the rain. Well, it just gives you a bit more time to organise and re-organise all the stuff you'll be taking down there.

Benta At SLIKstitches said...

I assumed fom the post title that you've had the same sort if summer as here, but no, you have to go one better!!

But it could have been *after* you'd moved in, THAT would be really awful! You can now enjoy the delicious anticipation a while longer :-)


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