Sunday, 12 August 2012

I WorkWorkWorkWork... the whole day long...

Isn't that the dwarfs song from Sleeping Beauty?

Well believe it or not, there have actually been enough dry spells in the last ten days for me to get some work done in the garden! A few drenchings too when I had my head down amongst the weeds and didn't notice the growing blackness of the sky, but maybe if I stand in the rain often enough I'll grow.....? Faint chance at this stage!

Firstly I weeded all along the montbretias, front and back, and was a bit disappointed when I realised how much of the growth was weed, not flower! Oooops! However in the last five days they have come along beautifully and are now just about flowering.
The grass and weeds along our verge were almost waist height as the strimmer is banjaxed. I took out the good old 'slasher' and hacked them down to a reasonable size. Its still all weeds, but its tidy weeds- a step in the right direction!!
 The blackberries are flowering ever so late; if we don't have an Indian summer nothing will ripen, but if we do we'll be inundated. Last year's crop was very patchy so we could do with plenty for jam!
 And I detest pulling up thistles even worse than nettles as they always seem to get me. Mind you, I was plenty stung too- anyone would think I was growing a nettle farm here. I lined the thistles up to put on the fire in the hopes of killing off any potential seeds, so alas alack but this fella is no more!
It doesn't look much does it, but the growth this summer has been something else with the wet and warm temperatures. I've done a fair bit of work around the patio and the beds along the walls but you can't really tell.

Oh well, I know everything is a bit tidier!!


Amanda said...

What a good job. Our garden is beginning to look like a jungle, with too much weed growth and not enough weeding. My back has been very sore this year so I've done very little weeding and planting, so the vegetables I have grown are having to struggle.

Soggibottom said...

Your not alone with creeping jungles, I think everyone has them this year because of all the rain... Look on the bright side, at least now there isn't a water shortage :-)
Where's the pub then ?
:-) :-) :-) :-)
:-) X X X

Little House on the Hill said...

I hate weeds Ahhhhhhh. I wish my garden grew as well as they do

Elaine said...

I always have a bumper crop of weeds too. My one consolation is that when the snow flies I won't have to do any more weeding until May....


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