Sunday, 2 December 2012

La Belle Maison d'Eckety!!

Ok, not so bella bella, but...well, see for yourself!

Before I show you some photos I just would like to set one record straight: when I was telling yous about my mad boomerang shaped house I certainly wasn't crying 'poor me'! I like it, and it likes me. I am very far from the poverty line here and although modern places would be more into the 21C convenience-wise, thousands of people in Ireland live in old-fashioned hoosie-homes like this, both in rural areas and in older sections of any settlement/ village/town/city. We rented a similar place in the country for seven years while we were getting our own place- even the carpet here is the same as it except brown instead of blue, the girls were highly entertained!

Bah! I can't get these into the correct order...
Kitchen, nice size, bright, NO HEAT!

Sunset over the yard- there's an old orchard beyond the shed,
 no access but lovely to look out on trees in the middle of town.
Sitting room, less than 9foot wide so this photo is deceptive.
Note the fab 1970s carpet and fireplace?!
My Christmas cacti survived the move and are perfectly happy!
Much MUCH more virulent shade of turquoise in reality!
Raggedy Ann hides a huge carpet hote I kept tripping on...

Upstairs landing- stairs not steep at all, but all very narrow.
And there you have it- the wee boomerang hoosie!


Ulla said...

There is much light anyway, and the kitchen looks really nice. And you do have a loo indoors as well! Enjoy your own little world.

benta atSLIKstitches said...

Yours, yours and yours! I was worried about the outside loo, thnk goodness there is an inside one too! The girls will be missing you too, it's a new situation for all f you.

benta atSLIKstitches said...

PS sockets. - husband is an electrician, and he says the 4 way extension leads are perfectly safe (buy fom a shop, not a market stall!) and you cn screw them to a wall, easily turning one cupboard socket to 4 wall sockets :-)

Robin said...

It's got character :). And besides, it's the living that makes it a home, not the carpets, and this one is all set to see you on the next steps of a new and wonderful journey.


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