Sunday, 23 February 2014

A Day In Dublin

On Thursday I took my life in my hands and ventured on a trip to the Grand Metropolis of Dublin City!

Haven't been in a while as the last time I went I freaked out the whole way there, all day and the whole way'd have thought I was crossing the Gobi or the Amazon Jungle at the very least the way my heart was pounding.

Anyhow on Thursday I decided to bribe myself with an Exhibition of historical, rarely seen books at the Royal Irish Academy, as a means of overcoming the fear of crossing the Shannon. I told Eldest and she offered to meet me and bribe me further with a double latte soya chai! She and Wily Coyote spent most of the day with me, doing the exhibition and lunch before we went our separate ways.

Royal Irish Academy, Dawson Street, Dublin.
The perfect tea shop? Wicklow St., Dublin.

Dublin Castle.
 After lunch I went to the Chester Beatty Library which is in behind Dublin Castle and on the way back down Dame Street got caught in a hail storm. I do love walking around, so much to see, buildings, history, memories...what's not to like? I did a loop through Trinity College on the way back to Busarus but was too late to get into the Library there: three libraries in one day might have been overkill though!

So anyhow, it was an achievement, for me.


Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

Yay! Well done! I flew in late Friday, and am flying home lare Sunday, with no time to try and meet up, and I've still not seen anything of Dublin itself!

Amanda said...

It sounds as if you can chalk one up for the positive side of the see-saw. I'm always quietly proud of myself when I see the positive experiences start to outweigh the negative. It sounds like a great day. I've never been to Dublin, or even to Ireland, but it's 'on the list'.


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