Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Seen In The Kitchen

Ok, so this is so ridiculous that you will either howl laughing or delete me:

The other night in the pitch black I got up to the loo, and because it was pitch black I didn't put on my glasses. At the bathroom door a strange glow emanating from the kitchen caught my bleary eyes and after sniffing to check for fire, (no smell) I decided that to investigate without glasses would be pure stupid.

So back to get (and put on) my glasses.

Return to the kitchen. There's a weird glow around the fridge....oh my goodness, the weird glow is around the door of the fridge!

At this point I am aware that most normal people would think, 'Oh I must have left the fridge door slightly open, darn!'

But NO! What did Heckety think? 'Heck, there's Aliens in my fridge!'

And whereas most normal people, especially in the middle of the night, would turn on the light, go over, and push the door closed....what did I do?

I crept over, in the dark, and quietly opened the door to see what the Aliens were doing...??

Of course the punch line would be that they were stealing the cheese to create a new moon for their planet...but actually even I had to admit that there was nothing in my fridge except a problem with the rubber door seal.

Oh dear.


Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

But if I delete you I'd have no hope of s morning giggle! I think you wereverybrave to confront the aliens!

Sarah Jeffries said...

Oh Heckety Beck! You are so funny! You have brought a smile to my face as sit and play catch up on some of my blog readings lol. Your alien story puts me in mind of the Mel Gibson movie Signs.
Thanks for the chuckle!

Heckety said...

Glad you laughed...before deleting me!!!! I really liked that movie 'Signs', there was a different angle to it from some sci-fi, must see if I can rent it again!


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