Sunday, 3 April 2011

And so to...

...Mothers' Day...

I hope all you Mothers have been having a lovely day?

Here in Dublin it is a sunny day, but cold. Middlest and Youngest texted me their good wishes this morning and mid-afternoon Eldest suddenly remembered, which was quite funny considering I'd been with her all day!

Actually I have spent the day working with Eldest in the Theater, or painting and gluing things together in the Design room. I'd forgotten how much fun it is rigging for a Show. When Eldest was born I was in the middle of making all the Chorus costumes for a large production of 'Camelot' in Nairobi. The nurses nearly went spare with the number of people and clothes who passed through the Maternity Ward that week!

When Eldest was a week old she was bundled into a basket and stowed under the counter of a Dressing Room backstage, as I had so much work to do. If she cried, whoever wasn't on stage picked her up and rocked her...and then passed her to someone else when they had to go on! The Hub was playing 'Mordred', and I seem to remember there were a couple of close calls with crew grabbing the baby from him as he was walking on stage!!

In retrospect it wasn't terribly responsible of us, but we were young and we hadn't the first notion of how much a baby would change everything! We took her camping, on up-country safaris, to game parks, and reckoned that as long as she was regularly fed and changed she'd be fine!

Today, as I've hauled furniture, wielded spray cans, climbed up and down endless flights of stairs, groped through the dark Black Box and laughed at Eldest acting the eejit, I'm just so thankful that I am a Mother. Not everyone gets that opportunity, or has the choice.

Soooo...a Happy Mothers' Day to you!

And.... make that a Thankful For My Children Day too!


Robin said...

Happy Mother's Day!

PS We shlepped our infants all over creation. Routine? What's a routine? Worked well for us too.

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soggibottom said...

Well said :-)
Happy Mother's day back :-)xxx

ladydi said...

Wishing you a very happy Mother's Day! It's not until May where we are, so you can celebrate twice if you want to. I love that your daughter is still active in the theatre, after her early introduction.

Amanda said...

I never ever wanted children, until I hit 32, when I suddenly had the greatest urge to procreate. Thank goodness I did, as I'd hate to have missed out on knowing my two sons, or for them never to have been, they're a complete joy - and a worry sometimes too of course, but that's nothing to the joy they bring me.

Trishia said...

Heckety, did I ever tell you about the time I was in a production of Neil Simons' "Fools" in a a little theater in Abilene, Texas? I was about 29 at the time, playing the part of a 50+ year old woman. Wearing a gray wig, wrinkle "makeup" and awful baggy dress. My husband was out in the audience with our baby on opening night. She heard my voice after one of my lines and hollered out, "Momma, titty!" My husband almost died from laughing:) She was a happy breast-fed baby!ha!


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