Thursday, 20 June 2013

Proof of....

Hmmm, that last post kinda proves the diagnosis the doc has been trying to get into my thick skull, and another before him...

BipolarRUs...or is me..

Damn. Thought if I ran hard enough and fast enough I could slither out of that one.

Guess not.

To be informed is to come at problems from a position of power, a mon avis. So here's to a deluge of reading.

Any suggestions for info or websites will be gratefully receieved (but possibly not gracefully).

I know there are worse life sentences, much worse, but the rollercoaster seems bad enough to me sometimes...many times.


collettakay said...

Prayers for you, my friend! Along with a diagnosis comes treatment. You are on your way :)


Amanda said...

You're in exalted company; most of the geniuses the world has seen seem to have the same 'problem'. The up days will surely see you through finding out everything you can about your new self. Good thoughts coming your way.


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