Friday, 1 May 2015

The Seasonal Order of Merlin

Are we there yet?
Is the Winter over?
Can I make like a tulip and stick my head above the blanket?
Is it safe?

I know we had nearly three weeks of glorious sun and heat in April but the last week has been back to temperatures below freezing, torrential rain, hail and sleet, howling wind and wearing every sweater I own all at the same time...and I own a LOT of ganseys let me tell you!

The daffodils had the best of it, tulips and cherry blossoms have been flattened and blown away, even the bluebells have turned white in horror:

Frightened bluebells.
I think we are having the seasons in Merlin's order (ie. reverse) this year; summer, spring (sort of) and now winter.
Right so, I'll be off for another spot of hibernation then!

P.S. I was reliably informed by a three year old today that if you wear your gumboots indoors when you are not supposed to then you should walk backwards to stop the floor getting dirty.

Useful piece of info, I thought...

1 comment:

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

Got to love a three year olds logic! Gosh you did get cold again! We've been cooler since that fab Easter weather, but not as cold as you :-(


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