Monday, 3 July 2017

Return of the...heckety?

Streetlights at Clontarf.
Recently I have been trying to get my act together and sort out website, marketing, Facebook, instagram and all that jazz and it occurred to me that it would be easier really to reactivate this blog as an interim measure whilst I try to figure things out.

Lazy bones!

Its been a while hasn't it? Lots has changed, some things haven't, and life goes on.

I was reading recently about how life changing experiences change some people's outlook so they promote living each day to the full, mindfulness, and lots of other carpe diem mantras with themselves as the embodiment of all that positivity. Great for them. The difficult thing for most people is that either there is no life changing moment or one can't change things, so its just 'same old, same old' with a bit more vinegar, trouble and hardship added each year. A lot of us are living life the best we can although it may not look like it from the outside. Not everyone can up sticks and live on a beach in Hawaii making millions on the internet...not everyone wants to either. For some of us a good day is getting up and cleaning one's teeth...or remembering not to wear slippers to school...or even just taking in the laundry before the rain!

Eldest told me last week to choose 'Fortitude' as the word of the day, perhaps 'Endurance' or 'Grit' was the word for the year but I missed that memo!

Still, lots to do, to see, to photograph. People to listen to, talk to, wind up.
And there's always chocolate.
Seize the day, they say, seize a nettle some days more like, sez I.

I need to get back to keeping a record of things, life, good things, places.
The habit of blogging was helpful before.

We'll see, as my mother says....

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Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

Lovely to see you here again xxx. Hope you are well and happy


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