Thursday, 27 August 2009


No photos as I have laboured over the sewing machine all day. This evening I finally got 'The Dress' sewn together at the waist. Now the skirt and bodice have officially met! I had it all pinned together on Sos after taking in the bodice (again) this afternoon and she is worried that the weight of the skirt will pull the dress down, so is considering spaghetti straps. Mum told her about an evening gown she had many years ago which used to swivel around alarmingly, and Sos is anxious this dress might do the same!!
Tomorrow I start on the zip- which is always a disaster, on Sos's Grad Dress it took me eight goes to get the zip satisfactory. When its sorted I'll take a photo for yous.

Mum delivered two of the four spare room curtains today- ALL MADE! I thought she was pinning them together, and as I couldn't afford to buy lining this month, was going to hang them and then tack on lining next month. She went and bought lining and they are all beautifully finished! I am just so thankful and grateful! What sort of present do you give a mother who does that?

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ladydi said...

I have so enjoyed scrolling through your blog! Good luck with the zipper; hope it goes right the first time. :>} "Daddy Long Legs" is one of my very favorite books as well. I have probably read it 25 times. ;0) Your mum doesn't expect a present, just lots of love. Mums are like that.


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