Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Busy, busy!

You can tell how much Sos wants her Deb's dress done in time since she has been working hard at making the place ready for a string of expected visitors. Yesterday she finished the first coat of varnish on the staircase, which has been waiting for several years!
Then she varnished the guest bedside table, and three quarter shelves for the sittingroom, which you can just about see behind the table.
She has also been dealing with a lot of laundry (goodness knows where it all comes from) and somehow managed to get her head stuck under the sideboard when reaching for a new bottle of fabric-softener! Mum was sitting at the kitchen table pinning the guest curtain hems, heard a squawk and a giggle and looked round to see Sos wriggling out backwards, very red in the face.

The garden has gone to pot since the Hub has been finishing the shed, then painting the guest room. I haven't been out to weed this week as I've started doing battle with the Deb's dress, which is proving a slow, tedious job. There are a few poppies and cornflowers in between the weeds... This is how bad it has become, but as soon as the dress is done I'll be out there.
The onions look about ready to keel over and then they can be harvested I think.
This is the lining partly pinned together. I have sewed on the under flounce now, and also the bones into the bodice. I started the dress bodice with the overlays of net and satin, but it was 8 o'clock and I was getting tired. I worked on it for six hours today, but there seems to be some sort of dressing in the net which is making my skin go numb, hands and face. Have you ever heard of that? Weird. Sos and B are shouting at the TV at present, I guess they don't like the way the programme has been done! Either that or they are having a cushion fight. They have been doing chores and tidying and cleaning upstairs all afternoon, so they've earned their 'down time'!

Sorry for the boring post, chores and dressmaking just are boring!


Little Ms Blogger said...

Six hours of sewing?! You have the patience of a saint...

Andrea said...

Bless you!!! You are quite busy! But everything looks beautiful!

I still love your gardens. They are so pretty. I am praying for a fence so we can have cottage flowers in our backyard.

Blessings to you, dear friend. May the Lord give you a glorious visit with your guests.

Praise His name forever and ever!

I appreciate you! :)



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