Monday, 17 August 2009

Flower Power Shower!

The Hub was really impressed with me this evening when he went to have a shower after a very weary day and discovered this: else am I to remove the dust off my precious plants?

It was a long day, you know how some are. I have a theory that time is like a concertina and it warps and shifts; just because every day has twenty-four hours doesn't mean that every day is the same length. But then I also think that the roads in Co. Claire move so you can take that as you like...
Anyhow this morning the Hub took Morning Prayer in the Nursing Home at 10 o'c, followed by another Church at 11 o'c. His homily concerned the teachings of Paul and how the Epistles have been passed down to us to help us live a Godly life. The part of the readings which seemed particularly relevant to me was 1 Kings Ch3 v 9, wherein Solomon askes the Lord for a discerning heart. I think it demonstrates how few truly wise and discerning leaders there have been through history in that Solomon remains a giant of excellent judgement. Perhaps if more of us ran decisions before God, or even 'gasp' listened to His wisdom there might be more to write home about.
The organ playing went ok, except in the second hymn when I accidentally knocked on a stop which produced unexpected extra volume, and nearly jumped out of my skin!

One thing was amusing though. After the Service when people were standing around talking a lady came up and asked did I know either of her sons? I recognised one name as being a school-friend of my brother's and said so. 'Ah,' sez she, 'They'd have been ahead of you then, you being so much younger.' Yah-hey! Score! I emailed my bro to tell him and he sent back a denunciation of the lady's eyesight, and a written snort! Reason? I'm nine years OLDER than the bro!!!

Broga nua? In Dublin on Saturday the Hub finally bought himself a new pair of takkies so he's bouncing round like Tigger at the moment! 'Runners?' sez you, 'Trainers? What's so special about new runners?' Forget not, my fellow blogospherics, this is someone who grew up in the African bush and shoes remain one of life's wonders!
The quilt is put together now, and one border on. I can't decide whether to add some more hand quilting, or whether it would look silly with the machine quilting on the main part. Yesterday I unpacked the trunk holding our pictures. This is a MAJOR event! It has been packed since 2000. When I opened it it smelled of our shack in East Africa which was rather nostalgic for all of us. It was such fun though discovering pictures I'd forgotton but meant a lot, and also several of the girls' paintings from when they were little. When we were packing up I tried not to be too ruthless and to save items which I thought would be meaningful to them in years to come. Meaningful? They were roaring with laughter! So much for that notion.

The Hub worked on the shed all afternoon and now has three of the four windows in. Its looking good! I'll give you a photo tomorrow as I am not going out in the drizzle in my pyjamas to take one now! Contain thy souls in patience until then!


Andrea said...

Hello, dear friend! What a pleasant post!

I do not play the organ, but do play the piano for our services. I understand the "slips." Embarrassing at the moment, but funny and refreshing later.

Thank you, thank you so much for your words of comfort. I did not realize you had lived in Africa. God bless you!

My daughter-in-law's grandparents help open the gospel in Niger. Charity, my dil, is very close to them, and what an impression it has had on her life.

So, she and my son are going in September. They are both very excited.

And I appreciate your sharing your testimony and praying for them.

The pictures are lovely. I can only imagine the experience of opening the trunk and reliving your home in Africa with the sight of your things and the smell.

Take care. Many blessings to you.


P.S. Your quilt is beautiful!!!

Constructive Attitude said...

hahaha. what happens to ur hubs always happens to me. My mom always does that!

heckety said...

CA- So I can tell him that showering my plants is a perfectly normal thing to do, yes?????!


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