Monday, 24 August 2009

Home again!

Well where do I start? Ah yes, Birmingham, England!
The Festival of Quilts was stunning! I spent two whole days at it but am not entirely sure I saw everything. I did take 236 photos over the four days away, which goes to show you how much there was to see. The second morning I did a Workshop with Pat Archibald, using bondaweb applique and foil to embellish, which was very helpful as well as interesting. She's a good teacher.
There were wearable quilts as well as every shape and size of usual flat quilts, this coat was particularly handsome. Between the airport hotels and the National Exhibition Center ran these little sky-trains. I think they look like lego cars! I wanted to just sit and ride back and forth on them!
A couple of quilts, but I don't want to bore you. There were so many ideas to pick up, colour arrangement, workmanship, finishing, embellishment, traditional patterns, translation of ideas in picture quilts, machine quilting, hand quilting...
Thursday evening my uncle and aunt came to see have dinner with Mum and I which was lovely. Then on Saturday we returned to Dublin where we met with Dad and bro. Our sister had arrived safely from South America, complete with luggage, which was rather incredible as she has a bad habit of losing luggage! So we ate together on Saturday evening and talked for Ireland!

Sunday morning we met up, left all the luggage at a place near the train station, and headed out to Howth for the day, along with Dilly; six of us, three generations. On the way we bumped into another brother of Mum's and his wife, so ended up having coffee together before walking round the harbour. There were a lot of trawlers in, also some seals posing for photos! I though they had a look of our Ben-dog at dinner time actually!

Then home on the five o'clock train yesterday evening. The train got in at 8 o'c and the Hub met us and delivered the folks home to their place. I was in bed by ten to nine! Absolutely shattered!

It was a wonderful weekend though. You know when your head is so full of possibilities and ideas that you feel just about everything is possible? That's how I feel now! Actually the Hub had to wake me twice last night because I was telling him all about quilts in my sleep!!!

This morning I did some cleaning, and then started in on cutting out Sos's Deb's dress. I had to call Mum for help, and then realised I'd forgotten to buy lining fabric so she drove me out to Cliffoney for some. The dress is half cut out, but I've the tulle to cut tomorrow. I was too tired to carry on.

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Micki said...

I heard about the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham from friends who went from our guild. It looks like it was such fun!


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