Monday, 3 August 2009

Live life abundantly!

Exhibit A: one loaf of bread.
Exhibit B: one bread maker (square-ish white yoke behind champagne bottles from Sos' eighteenth birthday, and yes, that unfortunately is the state of the utility room at present).
I'm putting these first because the sermon yesterday was based upon John Ch 6 v33 and the symbolic attributes of 'bread'. Bread is essential to keep us physically fed, and there is enough food produced on our planet for no one to go physically hungry. But in the same way that the available food does not reach everyone, spiritual food does not reach everyone either i.e. the importance of loving, sharing, forgiving, accepting, there's plenty more to add. And very often it is the spiritual famine in our own communities which is the nearest to us and most straightforward for us to act on. The Minister was not calling for us to pack up our bags and head for Africa, nor was he suggesting we all begin vegetable gardening, he was just pointing out how easy it is to smile, be polite and helpful and friendly to folks we meet, people on the margins as well as our best friends, to be AWARE. Sounds so easy huh? Pardon the pun, but plenty of food for thought....!!! (sorry, couldn't resist...!)

One more throwaway remark he made at the end of the Service was this- 'To whom am I accountable?' That has me stumped, because as adults in theory we have free choice in almost everything. For me my faith keeps me accountable to God, and obviously I'm accountable to the Hub in behaviour and many choices (like the housekeeping money...aargh!), and socially we are accountable to the law or we'd all be merry little axe-murderers, or not, but think about it, where does the buck actually stop for each of us?

Later in the afternoon the Hub went and fetched Sos and a friend who is visiting from Dublin. They'd had a good few days, actually I don't think they'd actually slept for the previous two nights through all the hooleying. I made everyone pasta to keep them going until supper, and then keeled over about four o'clock; two days of Services and organ playing takes it out of one. Luckily there was bread made so they got themselves toasted cheese and snacks and watched several videos I think, judging by the mess I got up to this morning!

The Hub finished the roof on the shed and started cladding the walls, in between deluges. It's been so wet he can't cut the grass, which is happily invading the veg beds. A real pain. I tell you, if John Wyndam was ever wanting a sequel to 'The Triffids' he could visit my garden and receive all the inspiration he needed; perhaps I could be his 'Muse' and have a horror novel dedicated to me! Ha ha! would that be irony, freudian slip, or just desserts? (rhetorical question- DO NOT ANSWER).

Oh hang on, is he still alive even?


Constructive Attitude said...

Spiritual famine! so true, and i couldnt agree more. very insightful post :)

Heckety said...

Yes its kinda obvious if you really look into the way people are living, but I thought it was a neat description. And anyhow I, for one, just accept thats the way it is without looking for ways to help.

n00byanprincess said...

Agreeing with Constructive - very insightful. The idea is familiar but wrapping it up in this packaging makes it more poignant.
(Running off to share my dimples with the world)


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