Saturday, 15 August 2009

New books!

During the week I received a package from Amazon containing two books I was really looking forward to studying:

Fearless Design for every Quilter- L. Torrence and JB Mills

Aurora- Jane Kirkpatrick

The 'Fearless Design' book will have to wait until September, but I have been dipping into 'Aurora' and it is a lovely collection of quilts, photos, and writing. Last year I read Jane Kirkpatrick's book 'A Clearing in the Wild' which is the beginning of the story of Emma Wagner Giesy and her trek from Bethel, Missouri across to the Oregon Territory, and eventually, Aurora. Emma was a real person and in the 'Aurora' book she becomes even more tangible as we can see her quilts, and her daughter's. Its like spending time with family, or in your Grandmother's linen chest, just lovely!

Another thing I came across today in a magazine is a website for rural women enterprisers...enterprising women?...entrepreneurs, that's the word! , I'm going to download one of the free documents and have a look.

Apart from that I cleaned the house, very boring, sewed on the one border of the quilt I'd put together, progress, read most of a Georghette Heyer novel I haven't read in years, yummy, made two lots of soup and boiled the chicken bones for broth. The trunks were delivered today and Dilly came home for a few days to be mollycoddled! This evening I had a call from a previous parishioner of our Church asking whether I would play the Organ for her daughter's Wedding in October. The hymns for tomorrow are prepared: the Hub is taking the Service in another Church tomorrow as their Rector is on holiday, and as his portable Organist, I'm playing.


Robin Hill Quilts~Eileen G. said...

Hi There!
I am going to pick up Jane K's book ~you made it sound very interesting! We have had a crazy wet then cold then wet then steamy summer here in New England..The flowers don't know whether to come or go...I enjoyed reading your blog~ be back soon!

Micki said...

The books sound so good. i will have to put them on my reading list.

Heckety said...

Welcome Eileen, and thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoy the book. I think its the sort I'll keep picking up over the years.

Micki I think you would definately enjoy the 'Aurora' book from how much I know of you!


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