Wednesday, 12 August 2009

A shocking discovery...

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Umbrellas and walking-sticks,
I'd like to tell you something...very shocking..
I think I have a Quilt-Project-Gobbling-Monster loose in my house and its VERY worrying.

Yesterday, full of virtue and motivation, I pulled out the basket wherein my next project resided and behold! to my consternation! it WASN'T THERE! Oh no! and I can't find it in any of the other usual places so I have to come to the unwelcome conclusion that my next project has been Gobbled. This is all that is left:
But in the hunt I found this:
Its so old I can't remember why I began it, who it was for, or even when I began it. So I backed it and quilted it all afternoon, and just have to bind it now. I'm wondering whether it will count as a finished project considering it wasn't on my list, and I'd even forgotton it was there.
Kim suggested that actually it wasn't a QPGM that got the other unfinished quilt, but the Hub or the dancing dog? She could well have a point- you know the Calvin and Hobbes cartoon 'Something under the bed is drooling...' well I'd rather not have a resident QPGM but I'm scared to check under the bed just yet. If anyone is passing this way and would like to do me a favour..?
Something completely different- today the Leaving Certificate results are out. Sos at first refused to get out of bed and go into school to collect hers, but eventually she did, and to our stunned amazement she has done well! I don't know who was most amazed, the teachers handing out the results, Sos, or her family. So now we wait until Monday's postal delivery when the first round of College offers comes out.
Dilly is unwell and really frustrated because the Dublin Fringe starts this evening. She says she's sitting in her flat directing everyone by text and phone, and colouring in a colouring book which her flatmates bought her to stop he moving around and breaking things! One of my sisters is sick too, and since she's trying to pack up from her overseas posting and fly back to Ireland next Thursday she's fairly frustrated too. Another sister arrived yesterday in Columbia on the next stage of her South American Odessy. She doesn't half get around the continent!


Julie in the Barn said...

It doesn't matter that you failed to list it. I think if you finish it, it counts. It's cute, too.

Micki said...

That happened to me recently...I was searching for something, and found some Sunbonnet Sue blocks and I am finishing the quilt now. You must have had a great deal of satisfaction finishing it.


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