Thursday, 6 August 2009

शोर्ट एंड स्वीट(short and sweet)

Several days ago Sos's laptop arrived, I guess all students (or potential students) need one, Dilly would be lost without hers. So, since the sitting room and kitchen are over-run with teenagers and I can't get near the dinosaur computer I've nicked hers. Some awfully odd things are happening, for instance my typing is turning into Hindi! Look: माय टाइपिंग इस तुर्निंग इन्तो हिन्दी! Did you know I am fluent in Hindi? Neither did I but isn't it great to discover a hidden gift?

Would you like to know what the rampant teenagers have just informed me? There's another three coming to supper, going out, and returning to spend the night! And two are boys and boys EAT! I bought dog food, cheese and soya milk this morning, would anyone like to invent a supper recipe using those? I don't mind at all about them coming, its the lack of food bothers me as there aren't exactly a whole lot of grocery shops up here in the mountains.

Dad gave me a present of a new CD this morning when I went to visit- Organ Music. Wasn't that lovely? Sure aren't Dads a fabulous invention? Soon as I've done here I'm going to get out the quilting and play it. Sos is baking for the hoards, and then she will have to play 'loaves and fishes' with two frozen pizzas and a packet of frankfurters. I'd better go and make bread too, that would fill in a few gaps...Tally Ho!


paulette said...

I'm sure your dinner will be devine-nothing like homemade bread! Yum!!!

Gran said...

Boy bread does sound delicious!
We have had the same at our house since son #3 got home from his mission. They all connect on facebook and then before you know it, so in so who is in Seattle for the summer has to be in a wedding near here and wondered if we had a room at the inn. Yes, of course. And you know what I had the most concern about - food. It all has worked out. Son #2 & #3 are up in the Sierra Mountains this week re enacting pioneer experiences and pulling handcarts through the mountains. I can hardly wait until they return and hear what they experienced and how they feel about it.

I am trying to get the little icon for the I am a stitchers' angel swap on my blog. I do not think I have it right yet, I will tinker with it for a while, then let me day end with some reading.

Wishing you a peaceful tomorrow.

PS your Dad is a sweetheart for getting you the CD.

Andrea said...

The thought of homemade bread makes my mouth water! How delicious!

It sounds like a wonderful time in your home! I love family, and miss my boys being teens. It was chaotic, but fun.

Organ music is beautiful. How sweet of your dear father. Enjoy.

Thank you, dear friend, for praying for my husband and me! Yes, we count it a miracle that his cath was "pristine!" May God be given all glory and praise due His name!

Do take care. And many blessings to you and yours.


P.S. I love and appreciate your analogy of Abraham. Thank you. May the Lord grow my faith.

Heckety said...

Thank you for all those lovely comments!

Paulette and Gran- they ate one and a half loaves of home made bread, a bag of baps, two pizzas, a box of cornflakes, many pots of tea, and possibly more but that's the debris I've cleared so far...! Can you believe it?

Gran- I love pioneer history, my folks used to take us to museums when we were little, and when we travelled from California to Seattle we were told lots of stories. That was MANY years ago, but its stuck with me. I hope your boys have fun!

Andrea- I feel as though I'm having to make the most of this time with teenagers and rumpus as I know it will end.


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