Friday, 7 August 2009

Sos and the Teletubbies!

The farmer across the valley has been cutting his summer silage so his fields look all neat and tidy. I wonder whether he'd come and do the girls' bedrooms?
You know the way when you watch schools of fish they cluster together, then dart here and there in a swarm, with the occasional one drifting away and rejoining, or another being left behind then frantically chasing after the others to catch up? I think herds of teenagers are like that...Last night about 7pm onwards they arrived, milled around, grazed, dolled themselves up and then around 10.15pm departed. The amount of smells, stinks and pong needed to gird themselves for a night on the tiles!! Afterwards B and I had all the windows open! Anyhow here they are, only five actually, but it seemed like more.
I was standing at the stove chatting to them at one point and suddenly all the washing up toppled off the draining board. It was the funniest thing watching the boys try to catch five baking tins, several wooden implements, two mixing bowls, two jugs, all the washed tetrapack recycling, cooling trays and a saucepan! Not rugby players for nothing! I wasn't quick enough to get a photo unfortunately, but it was terribly funny!

At 4pm this afternoon this is all that's left...

well, besides the empty fridge, empty packets, dirty dishes, cold tea-pots and mugs, sleeping bags and duvets around the sitting room and general rubble. I love it that they come and go from here. I love the conversations they have and the way they leap from serious to daft and back again.

It would appear that they didn't eat the dog food though.

The Hub returned from work having stopped at the Hardware Store, with a roll of felt for the shed roof. After several incredibly windy days the weather is both calm and warm today so it's a good opportunity to put it up. In fact the weather is gorgeous!

I've been working hard at the little quilt and the end really is in sight. I have to say I'm rather tired of it now. Maybe two hours of quilting and then the binding. If the next post starts with 'Yippee!' you'll know I've finished!


controlled chaos said...

fish and teenagers....i can actually see the relation.

Gran said...

Interestingly enough I have described teens the same way. All of a sudden they turn and head in a different way, zig zagging, relaxing, then speeding here and there.

These are the joys of mothering - having a school of fish zip in and out of your life.

Hope your weekend is peaceful. I am going to have to rest, and perhaps get some embroidery done.

Micki said...

It's been a long time since I had teenagers over, and it is fun!

Kate said...

Looks like a good time!

Heckety said...

Thank you all! It was fun, and now we are having a quiet few days- much needed by me anyhow!

BT said...

That post made me laugh Heckety. I can visualise the boys jumping about trying to catch your pots and pans!! They do look quite smart after all their efforts though. What a lovely crowd they look. Love the 'next day' shot. lol.


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