Friday, 14 August 2009

Trunk Call, Was Beans, and Raptors

Last night we watched Jurassic Park and just at the end of the film Ben-dog stuck his nose round the door as he wanted letting out. For larks I yelled 'Raptor' and lept on him with the blanket I'd had wrapped around me. He was extricating himself no problem when his brother came barrelling in from the hall and launched himself into the scrum! My family just lifted their feet and moved onto the next TV programme whilst the dogs and I re-enacted the final scene with the raptors in the Lodge! Didn't do the sitting-room furniture much good, but hey! what're the dogs for but to entertain me? (What's that about acting my age and not my shoe size?)

We were just now leaving the supper table when I noticed the time- 10 o'clock! Yikes! And the others are driving to Dublin first thing tomorrow morning; I apologised to which the girls responded that since I was the most disorganised person of their acquaintance things like eating at ten were no longer shocking...Oops...Well they were all watching a James Bond movie so weren't very bothered before the meal.

I've been sewing quite a bit of today, but it was so grey and mizzly that I had to have the lights on all day. I ask you! August how are you! And it is cold enough in the evenings too that we're glad enough of the range being on, although we haven't gone as far as to light the stove yet. Anthow, that's by the bye, would you look at the state of the dining table:
Kim may be re-discovering the furniture in her Sweat Shop, but I think I'm achieving the opposite!

Just for your amusement, this is the Bird's Nest fern in the hall. Its about four foot in every direction! I put it up on the table for the moment as the girls keep dropping the vacuum cleaner thingummy on it. Its obviously enjoying the climate!

And here, me dears, are the two medieval Trunks which are going to Dublin tomorrow for the Fringe Festival. If you happen to be passing and would like to see them in their debut performance, here are the details: The play is 'Anatomy of a Seagull', a translation of Chekhov's The Seagull, performed by Loose Cannon in Smock Alley Studios from 8th September for one week. If you do get to see it, be sure you go backstage to meet the Trunks, tell them I sent you and they'll be delighted to sign your programmes or whatever.
(They really are most awfully dilapidated, aren't they?)

And here are some photos of the broad beans from the garden, we ate a whole pan of beans and mangetout this evening at supper. They were, of course, exceptionally good! LMB ( ) asked whether these were the same as lima beans, I hope the photo is clear enough for you to see what they are like? The Hub has the shed completely roofed now, and started putting in the windows this morning, but it was too wet to try to take a photo.

Dilly is much better than she was at the start of the week, the kidney infection is clearing up. At work today they plonked her in front of the computer and phone to get on with correspondance, publicity, ordering stuff, etc., so she was able to be there doing things but not wearing herself out. The trouble with being a theater techie is that it is so physical and if you are not feeling well its kinda tough. B has a cold so was a bit grouchy today, but not nearly as bad as she could have been. She tried to make out she had all sorts of terrible diseases, swine flu being one, of course, and that I was a heartless mother not mollycoddling her. As she was watching DVDs and shrieking with laughter inbetween being pathetic, she kind of ruined her own cause! Sos had her flute out for an hour or so this afternoon, I think now that the results are out she is beginning to relax as she never plays for enjoyment when she is het up. The opposite of myself who pounds the life out of the piano when upset- Beethoven Sonatas are particularly suitable!

Enough waffling, I'm going to finish the first border of the quilt and see whether the pieces already made for the next border are long enough. I'm listening to the soundtrack of the film 'Stardust' this evening, its great music, really keeps the fingers moving!


Constructive Attitude said...

You know, I've never watched Jurassic Park. I keep thinking its a really really dumb movie.

heckety said...

Oh it IS believe me! Not very good acting either and very predictible.I wouldn't waste your time!


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