Thursday, 13 August 2009

Yippee Two!

Well here is the second completed project, quilted and bound, even if I wasn't intending to do it. I expect it will be a suitable Christmas present or house-warming perhaps for someone.
I spent ages today trying to find the missing project. The thing is that I'm going to the UK next week and was hoping to have it ready to give my aunt, since it was intended for her first grandson. Now I don't know whether to haul a finished baby quilt from my random stash and give her that, or give her nothing.
At least, in searching through boxes I have managed to do some tidying and putting away of accumulated 'stuff' so that the kitchen corner (my sewing place) is a little tidier. Apart from the dining table, which is now covered in little heaps of fabric which had become mixed up but is all for different ideas. It looks like a scale model of the Cairo desert with a lot of pyramids!
And onto the next project which I abandoned some time ago as it was annoying me. I am joining the side strip to the right of the photo. The roll of green by the magazine is part of the border as I decided I didn't like the one in the pattern. I was going to augment it with flying geese, but the quilt and the intended fabric became separated when we moved house three years ago. Now I have everything together it will be my number three project! I still love the design, but parts were going wrong before. Lesson: don't try to finish a quilt when moving house!


Sharon said...

OMGoodness. That quilt is just beautiful. What an ambitious under-taking!!

Heckety said...

Thank you! Its almost all straight piecing though, curves are my bugbear! But if you hear loud cursing please put your fingers in your ears and hum loudly?


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