Sunday, 15 November 2009

Curiosity killed the...whoops!

As I was saying, why is it always cats which are bumped off by curiosity? I'm sure Ben-dog sticks his nose into just as many things so why is there no proverb for him?
Look! The packet I won at Paulette's place arrived in Friday's post! Isn't it lovely? The red braid is about to go on some little Christmas decorations I'm making, and the pattern is wriggling about trying to get out of the bag and be stitched....or is that me wriggling....? Thank you so much Paulette!
This afternoon the Hub spent an hour moving the computer from the Ice Box (sorry, spare room) to the kitchen so that I can carry on blogging now the cold weather has hit. We only heat the girls' bedrooms evenings, and the sitting room fire stove has to heat the sitting room and kitchen, so spending time on the computer was inviting frost-bite! So a big round of applause to a helpful Hub!
These are some new tree decorations I designed and made last week; I put buttons on opposite corners so one could string them together as a banner or hanging either. I'm about to post them on eBay before the girls swipe them for their friends! I love 'Redwork' and especially at Christmas.This morning in Church we had a visiting Male Voice Choir from the Dublin area who sang four pieces as part of our Service, including the 'Our Father'. It was just wonderful to have that Music this morning. And due to their volume I was able to use the Cornucopean Pipe on the organ in the final hymn, which made the rafters of our old Church reverberate! Isn't good Music amazing?

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