Thursday, 5 November 2009

Thankful Thursday back again!

'In all things give thanks.'

Here's a funny to start: Last night I was seasoning the soup for supper when the top flew off the jar of chillies. There wasn't much I could do so I added a few more potatoes and hoped for the best...served family had their heads blown off! Aaagh! We are still in orbit, and that's from one spoonful each!
So if you hear tell of a nuclear incident in the west of Ireland it was just me making supper!

And now for this week's thankfuls- I've struggled a bit to find five since the week has come hard to me:

1. Thankful there's been no damage to the house after two storms this week. At the weekend the winds were blowing gale force ten apparently.

2. Thankful the school children are excited about starting the Nativity songs. They are so 'into' it they have organised their music themselves and are even excited about learning song-words for homework! Miracles do happen!

3. Thankful for a weather-proof, warm and comfortable house to live in. It hasn't always been so for us so we are all so thankful for the comfort.

4. Thankful for several bids on the eBay items I've made. That may sound silly but it matters to me.

5. Thankful for the fun yesterday with the Music classes I taught, the children are really keeping me going at the moment. One of the songs has a high-ish note some of the older boys were struggling with yesterday so one of them suggested that breathing helium might help! Another classroom became really stuffy so I opened a window, to see three seagulls on the rail of the bridge outside watching us. The children thought that was really funny, and even funnier when four more seagulls arrived, so they sang the whole song to the seagulls! A whole new meaning to 'for the birds'?


Casey said...

Praise the Lord the house suffered no damage from the storms. I hope that your ebay items sell for a good amount, it is a nice feeling when you get a bid on something you made! Your list is wonderful, thank you for sharing. Have a blessed Thursday!

sarah said...

I love your list. Have an awesome and safe day. Sarah

Jane's Art said...

Great that the gulls wanted to get in on it also!!
Have you looked at to sell homemade also? That was the first thing I noticed to day and I'm going to go check out what else you've got on ebay!


Sonya Lee Thompson said...

So the wind created a spicy meal last night! LOL! That was a great story!

Your list is very encouraging. I'm glad you pushed through and posted.

God Bless!

Greg C said...

I am always making things too spicy for my family. I like it that way though. I hope the weather gets better for you and that next week you have too many things to be thankful for.

Gina Stinson said...

Thanking the Lord with you! Great list!

Deb said...

Thanking God for allowing you to see blessings in a tough week and trusting Him for an overflowing blessings for you next week!

Valencia said...

What a blessing to have your home withstand the storms. I too went thru this just this week and there was a lot of damage. Thank God for His favor!!

Lady Collum said...

So thankful that I read your post this morning! Your story made me laugh and I shared it with my coworker. Your list helped me to think of things I'm thankful for. Glad you and your family are well and safe so that you continue to feel thankful. Thank you! :-)

Heart2Heart said...

Definitely a beautiful and blessed list! Love that you are staying warm and staying dry. Here is hoping your winds die down and that the sun comes out to warm all of you up again.

Congratulations on your bids on Ebay as well. Praying that they all sell out!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Looking Up said...

Glad the songs are going down a treat! I love it when children learn the Christmas story and sing their praises enthusiastically.

Chris H said...

Hee hee.. I left a comment on your other blog.. which one should I follow?
And YES, I know lots of bad words, and I use them often unfortunately.


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