Friday, 4 December 2009

Fumblin' Friday

Last night I finished the pinny I've been making to go with the doll. I lined the bodice with the doll's apron fabric and attached ties at the back to close the pinny so that it will fit her for some time, even with a Spring growth spurt!
Last two Thursdays Ulla has posted about her old patterns, and although this is not one of my really ancient ones, I thought it would amuse some of you. A friend and I used to make the overalls for our girls, who are now 20 (aargh!) and it had been passed around the Mission Station for a good many years before that!
And just to point out WHY I so enjoyed making a nice LITTLE cotton pinny- remember this? It was the previous piece of dressmaking....I did so like it when my girls were SMALL!
Today I pieced a back for the TTTF quilt and started machine quilting it.
After about two hours' work and some dithering I decided that it just wasn't coming out good enough for putting in the Etsy shop, so I spent the rest of the afternoon ripping it out. I should have stopped sooner. Anyhow the girls want to watch TV so I'll sit in with them and rip, at least it won't be quite so boring. That's what I meant by Fumblin' Friday!


Ulla said...

Small children's clothes are so much more fun to sew, and they need not be so well fitted either. The pinny looks great, and I loved the doll from your other post as well.

Andrea said...

Blessings, andrea

Jane's Art said...

Oh come know I'm gonna bug you to make her a big girl dress in the coming years, LOL!!!
Your daughters dress is gorgeous!!!!!

Andrea said...

You have an award on arise 2 write.

ladydi said...

Oh my goodness, the dress is awesome! Your daughter is lovely, and so lucky to have a talented mom, willing to take the time to make her a gorgeous dress.


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