Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Keep on sewin' sewin' sewin'

Yesterday I worked on a pinny for a little girl, to match the dress of the doll I made. Progress was good despite...
constantly tripping. Why does Ben-dog always leave his paws and tail lying around?
My Christmas Cactus is flowering! It is a much deeper crimson than in the photo but I think I need to take a photo in daylight. Last year it refused to do anything at all, so I'm very happy with it just now. The weather has turned quite cold so we've been keeping the fire 'in' day and night now. With the damper pushed in at night or when we are out of the house it just smoulders but it's lovely coming in to a warm living room and kitchen.
This morning I spent at school working on the Music. I had two 40min sessions with the older children, and Sos brought her flute in to work with us as well. A lot was achieved and we took a vote on how to present some of the songs ie. with/ without flute/ with flute playing descant/ with flute playing octave above voices/ ditch the flute/ add another class in for extra depth etc. I believe that if I give the children some choices they feel more involved and will work harder at giving a hearty presentation. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.
Another thing I found interesting today was this: the main school piano can't be tuned to Concert Pitch, and so it is always a problem when the flute plays. It was ghastly out of tune today, possibly the weather, I don't know, so I explained to the children about Concert Pitch and the problem of tuning. They were FASCINATED! I was amazed! I tell you, the longer I work with children the less I understand how their minds work!

This afternoon I took Mom out to Drumcliffe to see a small Quilt Exhibition by Collette Sheerin in An Teach Ban Nua. A friend told me it was on as she knows I sew. Well there was no information about the lady or the quilts, some of which were for sale at upwards of €200 (cot-size and smaller). No photos were allowed as I wanted to take some to show you all. I'd have liked to know what she was aiming for as to me they looked pretty poorly made and I was awfully disappointed. Mom did a TYPICAL Mom thing and, as we were about to leave announced in her deaf-old-lady voice (which she is NOT) 'I think you are underpricing your work and my goodness but your quilts are much better made. I can see why they call it PATCH-work.'

P.S. You've just GOT to visit tomorrow because my sister says I may post some of her Trip Report from Antarctica. She had an ace time, returned to Ushuaia yesterday morning.


collettakay said...

Why do dogs always have to lay right behind your chair? Or right beside the bed for you to step on in the middle of the night on the way to the potty?

Lovely cactus!

I played flute in school and now my daughter is starting to learn how also.

Can't wait to hear about your sister's trip.

Pam said...

Bahahaha!!! Your mum sounds like a real gem!! What a hoot!
Thanks for the visit and lovely comment too. I was quite pleased with how the assemblage came up. :)

Andrea said...

Your Christmas Cactus is beautiful. I have 4 dogs that live inside. My elderly, deaf cocker stays under my feet...everywhere I step..she steps. Lots of tripping happens in our house, too.
Hope you stay warm. It is getting cold here (Richmond, Virginia, USA).

Blessings, andrea

Little Ms Blogger said...

The cactus is stunning and I also love my wood burning stove. Mine heats up my house wonderfully which is fortunate since oil is so expensive.

Your sister went to Antarctica? How cool - no pun intended.

Amanda said...

I'm freezing! We've had to send the doors of our wood burning stove away since the glass fell out, so we've got no heat in the kitchen at all. Not fun. I'm with the children - I have no idea what Concert Pitch is, can you explain in your next post perhaps? By the way, I think I love your mother!

ladydi said...

Here we are an ocean apart, and admiring the same gorgeous Christmas cactus. Nice! Our baby cactus has two lovely blossoms; the big one isn't doing anything yet.


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