Monday, 7 December 2009

The Morning That Was!

Thank you Andrea for the 'Circle of Friends' Award which she gave me! In return I have to list five things I love doing (in no particular order):
1. Sewing- especially patchwork and quilting.
2. Walking on the beach in Winter with half a gale blowing.
3. Playing the piano when no one is listening.
4. Baking to the (loud) sound of Andrea Bocelli!
5. Reading.

This morning I had quite a few messages to do before going in to School. It started out just not my day and then turned into...well, you'll see...

B had to stop at the College shop on the way to school to buy a scientific calculator as someone stole hers on Friday and she had a Maths Exam this morning. After that I went on to park in town and got out of the car to find it was sleeting- eurgh! Put my €2 in the parking disc yoke and it spat out a BLANK docket! Well I was mad.
Went to the ATM, wouldn't accept my card. Went to another, it had been removed since I was last in town. Went to another, wouldn't take my card. Went to a third and finally got money.
Crossing the footbridge I stopped to take some photos as the river remains really high. It was still drizzling so I'm surprised the photos came out at all.
As I was taking them a voice remarked in my ear 'Tourist!'- it was our Churchwarden. We had a brief conversation and as we parted company the Vegetable Man went past so I walked to the Bank with him and caught up on the state of the Market Garden, spring planting, and the best shop for Second-hand clothes- he says Oxfam, I say Enable Ireland!

When leaving the Bank I accidentally shut the delayed lock door on an old man whom I thought was further away, and the Postman laughed at me. 'That'll larn him to move faster,' sez he, 'and get on with you, ye did it on purpose!' I truly didn't.

On the bridge by the old weir I took some more photos.
Pure Guinness- huh?
Came round the corner and found the school Principle in kinks of laughter- a squad car had come belting round the corner onto O'Connell St., siren blaring, hitting a bollard as it took the corner, screeched to a halt outside the Building Society, two Guards lept out, dashed into the place, and then proceeded to leisurely withdraw their money and have a laugh and chat with the clerks...Only in Ireland I tell you!

And at 10.20am I arrived at School!


Andrea said...

What an adventure. I hope to get to Ireland, one day. Part of my family is Irish and I have always dreamed of coming there. For now, I will have to live through your stories and pictures. Thank you so very much for sharing.
Blessings, andrea

collettakay said...

Quite an eventful morning, I would say. We're supposed to get some nasty weather over the next couple days. I'm staying put at home.

Wendy said...

You win, my day was boring in comparison!
Love the Guiness river.... it rains so much here, but we hardly ever have any flooding problems, guess it runs off into the ocean. Great pictures!

Jane's Art said...

Oh girl that is so good! I'm so glad you stopped to take pics....what every good blogger would do, LOL!!


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