Thursday, 10 December 2009

Thankful Thursday!

1. Thankful for sunrises! Isn't this incredible?
I took it this morning at sunrise when I went out to de-ice the car.

2. Thankful for the beauty of a frosty morning!
Its been a lovely bright but very cold day.
3. Thankful that the school Carol Service is on track. This morning was spent with all the children in Church practising their songs with the Organist.

4. Thankful we live in the age of penicillin. This afternoon was spent at the Doctor's surgery with Sos, who has tonsillitis. It used to be a regular occurrence with her, but we'd escaped the last few years and I was hoping she'd grown out of it. No such luck, and this is as bad a dose as she's had.

5. Thankful for my eccentric children! THIS is the sitting-room at present...decorations everywhere except the tree- AARGH!
The lights...ah yes....yesterday evening B got into trouble with her father for attempting repeatedly to lasso the top branches of the tree with the end of the string of lights...she couldn't be bothered setting up the ladder (which was beside her!).

Next question: do any of the lights still work??

All you with sons think BOYS are bold? I've always held that our daughters are past masters of the special art of 'Creative Badness'.


Heart2Heart said...

What a great list to enjoy this Thursday reading. Ah the beauty of a magical and frosty sunrise and for the warmth that draws you back inside to begin your decorating. Love them all.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

soggibottom said...

Thanks for visiting soggibottom.
x x x

Jane's Art said...

LOL, I think it's when you have multiples of the same sex...they think the same way therefore they think of more trouble that appeals to both!!
I'm so glad your sitting room looks like mine!!

Amanda said...

What a lovely sunrise; we had so much fog this morning we couldn't see beyond our own garden. I'm convinced that two of the same sex are worse than mixed - and they're far worse when they're in cahoots and getting on together than they are when they're fighting.


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