Tuesday, 12 January 2010


This morning B wanted to go spend the day with a friend, so after we'd delivered her, the Hub took me to the wool shop in Sligo. I still HAD some Christmas money left...
Good haul hmm? You'll just have to wait and see what I do with it now!

Yesterday I listed a few new items on Etsy, and also finished knitting another cowl. This morning I sewed it up, and then Sos decided it was just the thing so it's gone! I doubled the stitches, from 70 to 140. Think it was a little wide so next time perhaps I'll try c/on 120 sts. I decided I'd better start a wool note book to keep track of the changes I've recently made to patterns!

Today we have gale force winds from the south west, sleet and snow on the wind. But temperatures are up above freezing for the second day in three weeks so we are hoping our water pipes will thaw. Today I am choosing to sit by the fire to work, with CDs of Brahms' Symphonies on at full blast, and later I'll play Saint-Saens Organ Concerto- they should drown out the howling gale!

There are beans slow cooking in the oven so now I am going to finish the redwork labels I'm working on, then start some new knitting with my yummy wool. Do'n'cha love new wool?


Micki said...

The weather has been terrible in Ireland, but from what I am hearing, a lot of people are experiencing a hard winter. Keep warm!

ladydi said...

Sounds like a cozy day, and once the knitting project gets under way it will be nice and warm on your lap.


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