Friday, 15 January 2010

I'm Just a Woman Who Arranges Things...

If you are really quick and head over to French Kissed you might still be in time for her freebie: a scan of a lovely Valentine postcard for you to use as you wish...she emailed mine to me this morning and its gor-gee-ous!
She also has a 'Caption Contest' going on...I love Caption Contests, possibly a left-over of our mad Church youth group when I was a teenager, when the older students held them regularly and gave weird prizes, like a voucher to wear pyjamas to Church, or be taken out for a pizza by the committee! Tricia's prize is much more rational!

I made another pin cushion, embellishing it from my bead stash.
And by the way if you like pin cushions, check out this site. Its positively 'droolable'! So many ideas for using scraps to make something pretty.

If you are wondering about the post title- firstly do you recognise it???
Secondly, this is what I did this morning to cheer me up...none of the family have seen it yet so there could be ructions later...they get awfully tired of me moving all the furniture around!

My favourite place to sit, as you can tell! Very battered sofa inherited from my Great Grandmother:
This sofa has been in the kitchen since the summer and although useful, I was afraid it would get spoiled, so to fit it in is really why I had to move everything else. And, as you can see, the Hub got another load of firewood yesterday!
This sofa is really the root of the problem as it is so huge. When we bought it the Hub lay down on every sofa in the store to find one he could lie on at full length in comfort. But it wouldn't fit in the rented house, so had to be wrapped up in layers of plastic and delivered to the windowless, rubble strewn half built house! It was very amusing even at the time.
And back to the beginning. I didn't get as far as tidying the mantelpiece, job for another day.
And then I got out my stack of velvet pieces as I thought of making simple cushion covers from them. I love the colours so much that I've hesitated to cut them up until the right idea came to me. They are actually from an old furnishing sample book someone was throwing out.
Cushion Top No. One:
Cushion Top No. Two:
I thought of putting them in my Etsy shop, but am wondering whether I'll be able to part with them when they are finished...They are very tactile and comforting.
I'll stop now before you fall asleep, I've some funny stories I'll tell yous tomorrow!


ladydi said...

I feel like I've had a nice visit in your home! When you've made something you love, you should keep it - at least once in a while! I know our houses don't have room for EVERYTHING we'd like to keep, but you can find room for two gorgeous velvet cushions. Thanks for the nice visit.:>}

Terri Tiffany said...

You have such a cozy home! I love it! I wouldn't be able to not sit on that couch and pull out a book. It is nice to be talented as I see you are with your sewing:)

Amanda said...

How lovely to get a sneaky peak into your home, it's always fascinating to look at other people's rooms. I don't thin you'll be able to part with those cushions, they look absolutely perfect to snuggle with and hide behind when Dr Who gets too scary!

Jane's Art said...

Love the decorating!!

Keep those...they are gorgeous and you will find something to make with them!!

Micki said...

I loved seeing the pics of your home, and it reminds me a bit of mine. Is that a Stanley? We have ours in the living room, and funny enough the same leather two seater in the living room.
I love the fabric for the pillows. They will be lovely!

Clarke said...

For some reason the google account lists my husband but that is all right. He and I are coming to Ireland in about a week for our ruby anniversary. I am glad to see that quilting is thriving and growing in Ireland. If you are interested, I have a website:

Have a marvelous day.


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