Friday, 29 January 2010

A Lucky Afternoon!

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Yesterday, when walking down the street to the Library I (naturally) stopped at the window of the Secondhand Bookshop and look what was there?

Now they are living with me. And then, whilst I was humming with glee, I entered the Library and what did I spy on the display stand but....
I swear you never saw me move so fast to grab it before someone else spotted it! I've only read the first four of the Elm Creek books because I have to order them off Amazon, they've never been available here, and I love'em! So SCORE! Its new in and I'm the first to borrow it!

Isn't it just shocking how a favourite author pushes all ones good intentions to the back-burner? The next pair of wrist warmers are, as you can see, knat (past tense of knit), but since I'm not able to sew or crochet whilst reading they will have to await finishing off until I finish this great book!

Actually its quite different to the previous ones I've read; I think this one was written with more passion. It concerns a slave, Joanna, and it is engrossing. I'm also learning a lot about the 1890's South.

So I'll have to pick up some other knitting whilst I finish it to keep my hands busy!

By the way, those of you who were following the Life and Times of St Columba, (which I had set today aside to finish...hmmm...) I took a photo of the mural in the Library yesterday and have posted it on 'Our Inheritance' if you are interested.


Andrea said...

Glad you were able to snag this book "first." We are preparing for at least 6-9 inches of snow. I hope to "read" a lot. Hope you are doing well.

Amanda said...

I've seen several people talking about the quilting story books, but never seen any of them. Are they worth looking out for?

Sam said...

The Lost Quilter? That sounds interesting!! In answer to your question though - no Wootton Bassett doesn't actually have a strong service tradition, but a couple of years ago the fallen soldiers started coming through our little town because all the bodies were sent to the local RAF airbase and then one day some of the British Legion (old soldiers) came to pay their respects and it just grew from there - no politics involved, no organised crowds, just a groundswell of public feeling - and today it is what it is.

Jane's Art said...

Ok I'm going to look into these books, you've convinced me!


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