Thursday, 28 January 2010

My Letterbox is Definately Too Small...

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Look what arrived yesterday! A package from Finland!!! From Ulla, to be exact!
Her picture is clearer than mine, but the fabrics are just lovely, and most unusual. I'm so happy! I played with them yesterday so I'll show you the results again.(Is that an Irishism? I meant 'in a while').

Some ab fab news from yesterday too- Terri has been offered a job. After all her heartache and the steep learning curve God threw her this is ACE NEWS! As Paulette would say 'Happy Dance'!! Congrats to you Terri, I'm so happy for you!

Something to make you laugh, well I did!...have you seen Janes's new header? Its ACE!

And now before I excuse myself for bragging I read something yesterday which has stumped me, because I simply don't know how to answer. Here it is:
What do you hope your customers gain by reading your blog & buying your product?
I could give all the blather about unique, traditional, hand made, long lasting (hopefully), eco friendly and yadda yadda but is that enough?
Is that it?
Should I aim higher? And if so what?
I don't think that 'needs cash' counts as a morally integrityalish worthy reason...
Any opinions???Please???

And just to NOT be morally ethically something or other, I've just posted these things in my Etsy shop:- bunting... ...fabric scrap bird mobile...
...wrist warmers into the HeartsforHaiti shop...
...and another pair of wrist warmers in my shop...
Now I'm into town to go to the Library to find some books on Medieval Pilgrimage destinations, have coffee with my Dad (if he remembers?) and collect B from school (if I remember!).
The Hub actually polished his shoes this morning because he has a Church Meeting in Roosky with the Dean this evening! And B and Sos have Choir practice at 8pm for the Praise Service on Sunday night.
Still, its been a nice quiet week up till now so I'm not complaining. I'll take my knitting in case I have to wait places.


Andrea said...

I LOVE the bird mobile! Adorable!!

Ulla said...

Cute little birds. The wrist warmers look very pretty and useful.

Gran said...

Perhaps you could share with your prospective customers the places you have taken your project while creating it. i.e. Dr. Office, School class, kitchen, car ride into town to have tea with my dad and waited and waited because he forgot, just to name a few. LOL

Thinking of you. I think you might be able to view my blog now, I am back in blogspot:

Please let me know if you are still having problems.


Jane's Art said...

You crack me up.....and yes, making money to help with family expenses DOES qualify!! But also giving people a laugh with your blog qualifies!!
Saw the banner at your shop it!
The warmers are awesome...I'm trying to find crocheted don't happen to do those also do you??

ladydi said...

I am enjoying the international friendships I have made through blogging. Your customers and readers are finding out about daily life in Ireland, which, it turns out, is a lot like daily life here. People in Ireland do trip over the dog, drop the phone in the potty, and wonder what to make for dinner, just like us. But with a very cool accent!

Postcards from Wildwood said...

It's my first visit here and your blog is wonderful! It's homely, welcoming, uplifting, visually appealing and bursting with your gorgeous needlecrafts! Plus, as Gran and Ladydi say, you give people an insight into life in Ireland. That seems like a lot to me! Since you're looking for something 'higher' I'll run this little idea past you - I've been thinking a lot about what I want to achieve in my life, and at its most basic it's this - I would like the world to be just a little bit better place as a result of my being here. It seems like this is what you aim for too. Plus 'needs cash'!
Best wishes,


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