Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Of gardening, teachers, saints and old bags!

I did some gardening this morning ha! ha! Of the cross stitch variety!
I just love Jeremiah Junction's designs; I subscribed to their Magazine for several years, so have plenty of back issues to draw upon when the muse hits!

Did you notice the 'Consider this...' button in my sidebar? And the Raggedy Anne? If you haven't yet found this blog go Check it out!

I spent a very contented few hours this morning writing a new post for my blog 'Our Inheritance'. It's about St Columba .

I realised awhile back that in primary school I was very lucky in my teachers. It was a four teacher school, two year groups per teacher, in a very old, beautiful, historic building. My teachers were old-fashioned, conscientious, disciplinarians who were firmly rooted in the community and dedicated to doing their utmost to educate the unruly bunch of rural children delivered to them each day! I doubt the school, curriculum or equipment had changed much since the 1890's, and while it didn't suit some I guess it was just grand for me.

Past and present, stories of Saints, poets, eccentrics, forebears, Vikings, local landmarks, geography, history, they came alive then, and have remained so. Our teachers spoke as though the heroes of legend lived and died last week, and were equally important as local people and their doings. They blurred the lines between past and present, life and death, reality and imagination, the seen and the unseen, saints and wicked, and it was such an amazing gift.

The school where I now teach is the same one re-located to a new building in the 1970's. The Principal is a previous classmate, and many of the parents of the children I now teach attended school with me- they know all my sins and I theirs!

Here are the items for Etsy I was working on yesterday, and this afternoon. The labels are redwork on a sort of hessian fabric I found in the scrap trunk. The lovely flowery fabric was an old sleeveless summer shirt which I never wore, beautiful cotton though.I still have to thread drawstrings through the tops, and the third one isn't cut out yet! I thought they would be useful for holidays and weekends away. My Mum uses a plastic bag for her slippers and small things so I thought these might be useful?


soggibottom said...

Lady of beautiful history. x x x

Heart2Heart said...

I love all the newly created things you are making. They are all so beautiful and truly one of a kind.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Kathy said...

I enjoyed hearing about your school experiences. The storage bags you are making are very nice. I imagine they would be much nicer than plastic bags for organizing items on a trip. I know my mom would like them too.

Jane's Art said...

Got to check out Raggedy that!
Excellent fabric...and I'll ask, what is a charger?

Wonderful school story...I love when history comes alive!

Be sure and stop by the jungle today!

MelRoXx said...

lovely hearing about your experiences. Really good!


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