Sunday, 3 January 2010

Wham! Doink!

I had a blinder in Church this morning, although the idea has been bubbling since the beginning of Advent. Please visit? I tell you what though, if the Lord wants this new blog to be updated regularly He'd better wangle me some extra time in the day!

The Hub was taking the Service in another Church in the Parish, so after attending Communion in the Cathedral we headed out to Morning Service! The roads were fierce icy this morning, we slithered from place to place, and when he was walking out to the car the Hub did a glorious cartoon-style slide down the drive onto the road! It certainly would not have been amusing if it had happened to one of our elderly congregation. Also, on the way to Church we were stopped by the Guards and he was breathalysed, which everyone found uproariously funny. Needless to say the insults were fairly flying and if there's one thing the Irish do well it's creative insults!

Have you heard Rhydian's new album 'O Fortuna'? It has a very rich sound, and Kiri Te Kanewa sings on it too and I just adore her voice. At the moment it is drowning out 'The Mask of Zorro'- I don't need to be distracted by Antonio Banderas when I'm trying to think!


Andrea said...

Thank you for praying for Aunt Mary and for posting her prayer button here.
Blessings, andrea

Robin Hill Quilts~Eileen G. said...

From one irishlady to another~
Happy New Year!!
Your post made me laugh today! And you are so correct about the insults~we couldn't have a family gathering without them!

Kimmie said...

Hiya would love for you to come join us and explain how to make cream cheese and paneer and anything else that you care to share! Be lovely to hear more about Ireland also. We have one VERY homesick lady from Ireland in our Aussie forum who would be thrilled! All are welcome!

Jane's Art said...

LOL, great post.
Antonio can distract me anytime!!!!


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