Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Doggerel (I mean Poetry) Challenge and Flowers

Ok you chaps here's a Doggerel (whoops! I mean Poetry) Challenge for you: Write a rhyme starting with-

Five little jelly babies standing in a row...
As long or short or corney or daft as you like! Post it in the comments, and if you're REALLY good I'll find a prize!
Now here's the middle section of appliqué from the pink yoke of a quilt, if you can see it:-
I think I need to do similar on the two sides, yes?
And should I add a few leaves or something on the bare bends of the stem?
I'm doing a few embroidery bits to accent the flowers but they're not visible from a distance:

Opinions? Please?


Andrea said...


Jingle said...

Five Little Jelly Babies Standing in a Row...I Just Grabbed Red and Bit his toe!

Four Little Jelly Babies Standing in a Line...I Just grabbed Pink! She tasted quite fine.

Three Little Jelly Babies Standing in a Queue... I just grabbed yellow and gave him a chew!

Two Little Jelly Babies Standing Side By Side... I just grabbed Purple, down my throat he did glide!

One Little Jelly Baby standing all alone. I just grabbed green and now their all gone!

Heee!!! Thanks! That was fun! And now I want candy. LOL!
The quilt looks lovely!

Jane's Art said...

Poetry and I leave a lot to the imagination!

Similar on the 2 sides but not the same and yes add a few leaves....I like it!

Thanks for checking on me, I'll eventually get caught up!!

Ulla said...

Yes for the appliqué on both sides and for some leaves. They can all be smaller on the sides if you like.

Here goes:
Five little jelly babies standing in a row,
asking each others where shall we go?
We'll go to the kitchen and find a box,
where we can hide from the evil fox!

Heckety said...

Ace! Keep 'em coming!

Heart2Heart said...

Five little jelly babies standing in a row, grabbed all five and down they go!

Short and sweet right? Love your quilt and your talent is so amazing!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

ladydi said...

Five little jelly babies standing in a row. Too cute to eat, so they're just for show.

The narrower pink sashing would look so cute with whimsical caterpillars and butterflies following each other up the sides. Yes, a few leaves on the stem would be a wonderful addition. I like your embroidered flowers!

Karen said...

Love your applique - how about adding a few smaller flowers inbetween the large ones? Either way - it's gorgeous! :)

amy smart said...

Oh I LUV Jelly Babies. I miss them. Sniff.

Beautiful applique. And I second, leaves would be lovely.

Finally, I love all of your pictures of Ireland. So beautiful.

Blessings to you!

Joanna said...

The quilt is gorgeous - I love the embroidery you added to the flowers - makes it a bit different and unique!!

Ulla said...

Thank you, Heather, for the mail I got,
jelly babies taste nice, I ate a lot.
The brooch you made is very pretty,
I wear it on my collar just to look witty.
Writing this I wonder if I still should do it:
Could I some day become a doggerel poet?


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